Smart homes technology of the future

Smart home with 5 technologies to make living and living easier

Smart Home is one of the selling points used by real estate developers. to add interest to the project Target the new generation of buyers and people interested in technology That comes to help make living and living in the house more comfortable and easier than ever.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home that uses IoT technology or the Internet of Things to control various devices within the house, working through an application on a smartphone. To help facilitate the residents and many other things that a smart home or smart home can do in the digital world.

Smart homes technology of the future

What should a smart home have?

  • Many residential projects are now being developed into smart homes. or smart home By applying modern technology to use in various systems in the house, whether electrical systems Security systems, energy systems, or various control systems that make it more comfortable for residents.
  • With this changing trend Causing the factors that home buyers in this era use to consider Before deciding to buy a house or condo Therefore, it is no longer limited to design, beauty and traditional facilities, but looking for differences that enhance living standards. Let’s take a look at what must be interesting in today’s smart home.

1. Smart Device

Smart Device

Change various electrical appliances at home to become smart devices or Smart Device in a smart home. That can be controlled and ordered through an application on a smartphone or tablet, such as turning on and off lights, air conditioners, televisions, or even items that may not be electrical appliances such as curtains, windows, doors easily at your fingertips Whether you’re in or out can control everything through the smartphone screen

2. Smart Speaker

Home life is more comfortable. because the smart home has a voice command system The AI technology connects to other IoT or Internet of Things devices through speakers and displays at each point of the house. Acts as a personal assistant to the homeowner. who will wait for commands and follow them, such as turning on-off lights, controlling and adjusting the volume of music and TV in the house and various electrical appliances

Currently, the command language used with the Smart Speaker, the voice command system in the smart home. It has been developed to be able to understand how to operate with natural human speech. and can communicate with a variety of accents or ways of speaking Facilitate easy to use and more suitable for every generation

3. Smart Mirror

3. Smart Mirror

Smart home mirror Must be a smart mirror that is not only used to look at beauty, but Smart Mirror is like a tablet that can be used in a variety of ways, such as having a dial showing the time, telling the temperature, checking the weather, stock prices, water bills, electricity bills, central bills, can play music. Watch videos from your phone or have Bluetooth to make phone calls and more while standing in the bathroom brushing your teeth or doing personal errands. Responding to the behavior of residents in the era where the online world plays a huge role in daily life

4. Smart Sensor 

A smart home has a Smart Sensor, a smart detector that detects movement. with a motion sensor (Motion Sensor) that will help facilitate comfort Makes life easier, for example, late at night, when you get up to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to walk to turn on-off the light. It also saves electricity. Because the light will only turn on when there is movement. and also helps with safety When someone walks through the motion center or when a burglar enters the house The light will turn on automatically.

5. Smart Door Lock

Automatic door lock system Or digital door locks are integrated into the smart home. It is a safety innovation that is becoming more and more popular, especially in condos and modern houses that no longer require a key to open and close the door. Just press the code, use the saved key card. or scan your fingerprint The authorized person can open the door to the house. and will immediately warn when being tampered with Therefore, it is safer than a key system door that is easy to be picked up and without any warning.

More than that now Digital door locks in smart homes can also be unlocked with a passcode or Touch ID via a smartphone application. No more problems in case you forget to bring your keys. The door accidentally locked itself. Or lose the key and can’t enter the house.


   Smart Device      Smart Device
Smart Speaker voice command system
   Smart Mirror     Smart Mirror
   Smart Sensor       Smart Detector
Smart Door Lock    Smart door lock

All of this is just part of today’s smart home. In the future, we will have to follow up on whether new technologies and innovations will be developed to meet the convenience of living and living more. and is a selling point that can attract buyers

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10 thoughts on “Smart homes technology of the future”

  1. We have a smart home because my wife is into technology.  We do not have a smart mirror.  However, we can say goodnight and our doors lock and lights turn off.  Or, when we say good morning, we are told the weather, the coffee starts to brew (We had to prepare it the night before.) and we are told what is on the calendar for the day.  We are told and can see when there is any motion with a certain distance from all around our house.  Lights turn on in the house as we move from room to room.  TV’s and radios turn on when asked to do so.  Even our faucets turn on with the move of a hand.  Some folks might love it, but most of this drives me crazy.  I don’t like talking to the house or TV or being tracked while I am cutting the grass.  I hope our home does not get any smarter, but I imagine that it will.


    1. Thank you for the message It can be seen that new evolution always begins and has no limits. Technology, too, is designed to make people comfortable. And technology in business, we clearly attach importance. In the future, human beings will be the ones who choose to find comfort as much as possible. If we look to buy a house or rent an apartment, of course. that everyone must look at convenience that there is something to support Which is convenient, it comes along with the safety itself.


  2. I remember a time when we only used the internet to connect our computer and nothing else. Now we have reached a point where we have more than 20-25 devices in the house connected to the internet at all times. From my experience and from the devices I have I can say that some smart devices can really be helpful while others feel more like a gimmick. But all have their use and as the years go by we will surely move more towards a completely smart house way of life.

    1. Thank you for the message It is true that in our homes now all have technology. Because it does not only make us feel comfortable, saves time, there is also one more thing that we want is technology, it comes back to our safety as well because everyone is always looking for what technology is. give us the most safety

      Have a good day.

  3. This article offers a fascinating view of the future of smart home technology and its potential impact on our lives.
    It’s mind-boggling to consider the increased efficiency, convenience, and security that these technologies can provide.
    However, I’m curious about the potential drawbacks of this increased connectivity; for example, are there risks associated with having so many devices in our homes collecting and transmitting data?
    What steps can be taken to ensure the security of smart home technology and protect our privacy?
    I’d like to learn more about this aspect of the subject.

    1. What we will receive is convenience. and safety concerning our lives or protecting our lives and in terms of the security of our information Now it’s starting to be a problem because of the development of modern technology faster than humans can catch up. and study it in time may cause problems and that is the impact At this time, AI developers, including Eron Mark, have come out to move developers to develop AI. And technology to slow down so that we humans can study and understand technology first. Now that technology knows everything before humans, that’s the consequence.


  4. Thank you for sharing this interesting article on smart homes and the technology of the future. The idea of a fully automated and interconnected home is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s exciting to see the advancements being made in this field. The article provides a great overview of the different technologies that are available for creating a smart home, from voice assistants to smart locks and security systems. I particularly appreciated the section on the benefits of smart homes, such as increased convenience and energy efficiency. Overall, this article is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the potential of smart home technology.

    What do you think the future holds for smart homes, and how do you see this technology evolving over the next few years?

    1. Thank you for your messages and questions. Technology has been developed to satisfy human needs endlessly. For the smart home of the future, the focus will be on safety and comfort as possible. Because we all want the safest place to live.


  5. Thank you for this fabulous article Arisara, on the smart home technology of the future! It is extremely well-written and I’m sure it will be a tremendous help to anyone looking to upgrade their home to newer, more comfortable and time-saving technology. I thought it was fun many yrs ago when the term “smart” started being bandied about in regards to different technologies and products.

    What at the time seemed to me like a trending topic that would fade quickly has obviously become a permanent part of our culture as be have moved beyond simple anti-theft or security tech to subjective comfort such as lights, mirrors and talking speakers.

    1. Thank you for the message I agree with your opinion. Technology never really stops evolving. Or maybe it’s because people find a way to beat technology? :))

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