RDX Sports No. 1 Equipment Store

Super Safety with RDX Sports.

RDX Sports No. 1 Equipment Store

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DX Sports No. 1 Equipment Store.

Great Selection of Boxing Gloves, MMA, Fitness Equipment, and more. With Affordable Prices. High-Quality Products, Affordable Prices, 100% Refund & 24 Hours Support. Finest Craftsmanship. 100% Secure Checkout. Next Day Delivery. Durable Material.

RDX Sports have 10 online stores available at the moment, with a global shipping system that works flawlessly in countries like the United Kingdom, The United States, France, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Australia.

About RDX Sports Who are RDX Sports?

RDX Sports was launched in 1999, and since then, we have achieved a level where we sit with the top brands in the market.

As the leader and innovator in World-class Fitness & Combat Sports Equipment, the brand offers a range of products from Boxing Gloves, MMA equipment, Yoga Mats and Sports Apparel.

With over a million happy customers across the globe, RDX Sports has always lived up to the expectations of over 1100 partner clubs and gyms with hundreds of distributors around the world,

We have ten online stores available at the moment, with a global shipping system that works flawlessly in countries like the United Kingdom, The United States, France, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain, and Australia.

RDX Sports is a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality,

Professional boxing, martial arts equipment, and sportswear. We have a passion for both the Boxing and MMA industries. We are committed to excellence, with each product passing through our rigorous quality control system, from more oversized items such as punch bag frames to our boxing gloves supplied to gyms, personal trainers, amateur, and professional boxers, and fighters. We have fast become known as being ‘the fighter’s choice’ for our superior quality products, as well as our exacting standards of customer care.

Best quelity

Boxing Gloves, Punch Bags, MMA Gloves, Shin Guards, Head Guards, Mouth Guard, Skipping Ropes, Chest Guard, Ankelet Sleeves, Boxing Shorts, MMA Shorts, Muay Thai Gloves, Gym Belt, Power lifting Belt, Weightlifting Belt, Dipping Belt, Boxing Pads, Focus Pads, Bag Mitts, 8oz Boxing Gloves, 10oz Boxing Gloves, 12oz Boxing Gloves, 14oz Boxing Gloves, 16oz Boxing Gloves, Kids Boxing Gloves, Barbell Pads, Fight Gloves, Competition Gloves,

Technology design and sports

Not only does the type of material affect the performance of sports equipment, but its design is also something that should not be overlooked. Knowledge of design and materials must be carried out parallel to developing sports equipment for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Design and manufacture of sports equipment related to science in engineering and medical science.

Engineering will focus on developing new materials that increase the limited athlete’s ability. Medical science focuses on the physiology of athletes. To protect sports players from the risk of injury, It is related to sciences such as biological mechanics. (bio mechanics), mechanics of movement (dynamics) and kinetics (kinetics), etc. Design and manufacture of sports equipment. Need to consider The different mechanical forces acting on the human body, which will vary according to the type of sports

Safety design technology

Sports equipment or sportswear goes through the process of designing to benefit athletes. At the same time, it is also intended to create a competitive advantage, an advantage that is not only in the stadium. But in the commercial field, Controversy in terms of technological advancements, design, and materials used can make sports equipment companies Become a leader or dominant in the sports equipment market as well, so the price of sporting goods. Relatively high In addition to the factors of creating credibility. Already in the trademark. It is also a result of material technology. And design that each company is dedicated to research and development, which implies quality and the performance of the equipment or sportswear


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10 online stores available at the moment, with a global shipping system that works flawlessly in countries like the United Kingdom, The United States, France, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Australia.


Special offers from REX Sports that may interest you.

RDX L7 Extra Large Red Crown Leather Weightlifting Gloves
RDX F3 Orange Large Lycra Weight Lifting Gloves
RDX T15 Noir Medium Black Neoprene Inner Gloves
RDX O1 ???????????????? ????????????? ????
RDX X7 L Bishop ??????? ??????????? ????????????? ?????????? ????????
RDX 75?? L ??????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ???????? ? ??????? ?? ?????????
RDX FL4 Mono Floral ?????????? ????
RDX T15 Nero ?????-????? ???????? ? ???????? ???????
RDX X3 XS ????????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????????? ?????
RDX PF1 ??? ????????????? ???????? XL ????? PU ????
RDX PF1 ??? ????????????? ????????
RDX AB2 ????? ??? ???????
RDX CS XL ????????? ??????????? ?????????????? ????? ? ???? ??? ????
RDX T1 ?????? ?????
RDX T14 Small Brown HARRIER Tattoo T-Shirt
RDX FB 5?? ???????-??????? ??????? ??? ???????
RDX T6 Medium Red Leather X MMA Grappling Gloves
RDX IP ??????? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ??? ??????
RDX S2 ??? ?????? ????? (??)
RDX R10 Blaze Large Red Polyester MMA Shorts
RDX BSS  XL ??????? ?????????? ????? ??? ?????????? ?? ??????????

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14 thoughts on “RDX Sports No. 1 Equipment Store”

  1. The design of sports equipment is very important. To me the most important factor is that it needs to be safe. But it must also support the dynamics and kinetics of the specific sport. RDX Sports seems to consider all these fators when designing their sports equipment. 

    With so many sports people wanting to be kind to the environment while getting fit, it would be interesting to know if any eco-friendly and sustainable materials and practices are used by RDX Sports during sourcing and manufacturing of their sports equipment. 

  2. RDX appears to be a solid product-based company with good quality equipment. I am impressed with their lineup of different products pertaining to the boxing world. Given the fact that their products are in so many gym’s it goes to show that they put out quality products and who doesn’t want quality.

  3. Thank you for this informative site. I very much like your approach to the development of sporting equipment that incorporates a high level of safety in the product design. Using the state-of-the-art technologies and products is now critical to support the needs of today’s athletes. Being a martial artists myself, I would demand the highest quality equipment to allow for the safest and effective training

  4. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about RDX Sports. I think it’s been more than 20 years since RDX Sports started. And there are over million customers all over the world. This is definitely the best brand. All these factors appear to be taken into account when RDX Sports designs its sporting goods. It would be intriguing to learn whether any are eco-friendly.

    1. Thanks for the message, I think that all over the world and such brands, all the factors that have been mentioned herein, the design of the product, it is of interest and and it is worth learning for people who are interested in the product and in parallel, the design of the production of various products is also in the care of the environment.

  5. Hello. Good clothing for professional athletes is very important. Clothes should be comfortable and protect you at the same time. Every athlete, whether he does gymnastics, boxing, running or any other sport, should feel comfortable with good clothes and shoes. Of course, footwear is also very important, for different types of sports there is a special type of footwear.

    1. Hi ! Thanks for the message Security and the evolution of modern technology With our needs resulting in the development of our needs. clothes and accessories It needs to be designed for user safety.

  6. You a have cool design of sports equipment. It will attract more for customers to buy this item,  It’s good that you make to consider focusing also on safety while designing their sports equipment. 

    Nowadays, more people want to be active and fit, and your products have a lot to offer at a reasonable price.

  7. RDX sounds amazing. I am a personal trainer so I am always on the look out for great sporting equipment . Last year during the height of Covid I purchased a range of commercial gym gear to be able to train at home. Frustrating enough with Covid but some of the gym gear I ordered was no where near the quality stated! So I will definitely look further into the RDX range. Thank you immensely Arisara, excellent recommendation.


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