How can technology make life better?

Technology that influences human life

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How important is technology to life?

Nowadays, technology is essential to life as it permeates evolution. Is in every schedule of human life Because human beings have developed and invented facilities that are comfortable for living a lot, technology has come to enhance the basics of living.

At present, communication technology via computer (Computer Mediated Communication – CMC), is a two-way communication. Allowing users to communicate with each other, discussing the influence of communication tools that have influenced the evolution of humanity.

Globalization civilization civilizations of the world The whole world will be connected too. Information technology system The state of society will change from the industrial age to the globalized world. Is different from the original in the form of human contact Technology has started to help in printing.

This has led to a huge increase in text and language communication. Technology has evolved to communicate by sending voice messages over a telephone line. Television and computer images are transmitted, resulting in more use of information in the form of news. At present, there are radio stations.

Satellite television to report live events. Obviously, technology has played a huge role and is constantly evolving. In order to be as similar as possible to the real world, communication through the Cyber world may have an impact on the lives of human beings. Humans began to focus on technology in this area too much use. Technology in this area We should know how to use and suitability for useful use and use it effectively

How Technology affects our lives today?

Human beings have been living since the past. Through living in various forms according to the modern era and living in each era different There may be some similarities but not exactly the same. In which the life of a human being must have encountered with issues or problems.

Things that cause humans to think of doing something for that problem In the beginning, it may be possible to think about solving immediate problems first, then developing and extending. The idea is to be able to solve problems better than before.

Until being able to solve that problem and human beings have to think all the time make humans develop Generate inventive ideas on various subjects which are abundant according to the human era Technology itself is one thing that arises from human thinking and development. Technology has been associated with human life for a long time.

It is what humans used to solve basic problems. In life, whether it is cultivation, housing, clothing, medicine. In the early stages, the technology that was used was the basic technology, not as complicated as today. The increase in population and the limitation of natural resources. Including the development of relations with foreign countries.

It is an important factor in bringing and developing more technology. Technology and science are very closely related because technology arises from The scientific basis that human beings have continuously studied and researched scientific theories has resulted in the development of technology. Which scientific knowledge is the knowledge that arises from natural phenomena man has noticed The key is What humans used to explain why this happens.

Nowadays, technology has developed a lot and in today’s life, technology has become involved in many things. Whether using technology to communicate, such as using the phone. Or internet Social network, The use of technology in the field.

Education organized in various departments is what makes technology play a role with human beings until technology becomes a part one of human lives gone As technology becomes a part of human society, it gives both good and bad results.

Various follow because humans live together as a society. Which society is a lot of people, when there are a lot of people, there must be various consequences The use of technology therefore gives both good and bad results.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the knowledge and selection of technology that is suitable for the social, economic and country’s needs, as well as preparing guidelines for dealing with problems that are ready. It can happen at any time through the use of both thoughtful and unexpected technology.

Definition of the word


Society is a group of people who share the same interests. Gather together in a place that caters to his interests. And build relationships continuously


Generally means human development To help with work or solve problems such as equipment, tools, machines, materials, or even those that are not intangible things such as various processes.

Nowadays, our lives are dependent on technology
How does technology play a role in life?

A role in human life because human beings have used technology to get involved. Involved in development in various fields for human existence, such as

1. Technology and industry development

The use of technology in production increase production efficiency And it also saves labor. Reduce costs and save the environment Technologies that play a role in the development of industries in Thailand such as computers and electronics. Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering Laser Technology Medicine Energy Technology Material science technology such as plastic, glass, construction materials, metal

2. Technology and agricultural development

Use technology to increase productivity Breeding, etc. Technology plays a huge role in development. However, the use of technology for development must study many environmental factors such as environmental resources. Equality of Opportunity and Economic and Social Competition to cause harmonize the development of the country

3. Technology and communication development

The world today, where social relations Instead, it’s not just a meeting and talking. See face shape Personality or joint activities only But relying on technology to help in the development of society to occur. Until we call each other catchy that Social network or online society itself.

– social network It is a society that takes place on the cyber world. Is vast and endless, is a society that occurs is one of the world’s networks linked together in a specific, such as in terms of ideas, money, friendship, trade, which can be described as Network society is a relevance map.

That come from different interests, come together, for example, a group of friends from kindergarten, elementary school friends, a group of camera lovers group of people collecting dolls Korean artists’ fan clubs, etc., with a website that is popular. And is well-known It is an intermediary that connects the preferences of each group together.

This is a new trend of social change in the world. Information technology makes the distribution of information fast. And is distributed in all directions. And has a quick response system and also bi-directional communication For this reason, the impact on economic, political and social changes is very different from the past.

As can be seen from economic crises from one country affecting other countries rapidly and re achingly. As a result of advances in information technology, there are many important trends in change. There are several key trends emerging from this important and much-discussed technology.

– Making the society change from an industrial society to an information society The condition of the global society has changed twice, from a nomadic society to an agricultural society that knows how to cultivate and grow.

Create agricultural products, resulting in the construction of houses as the main source Subsequently, it was necessary to produce products in large quantities and at low cost. Therefore, had to turn to industrial production causing the living conditions of human beings to change into an urban society There is a group of residents in the city.

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There is an industry as a production base. The industrial society has operated until now. And is about to change into an information society Nowadays, computers and communication systems play an increasingly important role. Network is used For example, the Internet connects various functions. Business operations use information extensively.

– Enabling working conditions everywhere and every time As two-way communication advances and spreads Interaction over the network makes it like a real interaction. We have a video conferencing system. Network conference system There is a trading system on the network.

The nature of these business operations expands the scope of work. Or carry out activities everywhere And can operate 24 hours a day, we can see from an example that has been around for a long time, such as an ATM system, allowing disbursement almost.

And spread closer to the service recipient but with more advanced technology The service will spread even more to the home. In the future, the working society will spread until some jobs can be done at home or anywhere. And any time

Technology and science

Definition of science

“Science is knowledge gained from observation. Research from natural apparitions and arrange them into organized or researched subjects. Grab the evidence and reason and arrange them in order.”

The relationship between science and technology

Technology is application apply scientific knowledge And bring practical benefits to mankind, that is, technology is the use of scientific knowledge. To invent things to get the most out of it. One different part of the technology.

With science Namely, technology is dependent on economic factors as commodities are traded. As for scientific knowledge, it is the common property of the people of the world. It is published without any trading.

In summary, it is Modern technology is based on scientific knowledge.

Suitable technology

The term appropriate technology means that it is suitable for economic, social and country needs. Some technologies are appropriate for certain countries. Depending on the conditions of each country

How important is technology to life?

1. The necessity of using technology in each country It depends on the occupation of the majority of people. The main income of the population in each country is higher than other incomes. And the geographic residence of that country, for example The population lives in rural areas. Therefore, the use of technology is necessary.

Especially agricultural technology agricultural products Most of them are exported abroad as raw materials, such as selling cocoa beans to foreign countries and then producing them into chocolate. If a factory is established in that country, we must use technology to play a role in the development of the processing of that product.

Depending on the main occupation and livelihood of the population of each country. Which are not the same and different, such as Europe, America, Africa, Asia, the way of life and the landscape will vary.

2. Appropriate technology Many scholars have interpreted the meaning of the word “appropriate”.

What is appropriate for the economy, the period or the appropriate level of technology, is technology that can be used to benefit various businesses and is consistent with knowledge, ability, experience, environment, culture, environment. And economic power of the common people

What is the impact of using technology?

Technologies are classified according to their intended use. Which can be seen that many times is used in a good way It will benefit society, but sometimes these technologies cause problems. Followed quite a bit. It’s up to use. Which affects as follows

Social impact :

For the impact that will occur on the society If you look at it in a good way, you will find that technology helps to communicate. Or the exchange of knowledge of people in society takes time quickly. Sometimes you don’t have to travel across the country to meet, you can meet each other through online social media, and it also gives you the freedom to have more friends from different countries. Resulting in an exchange of attitudes, knowledge and cultures as well as the exchange of technological developments

. – Resulting in a new knowledge base because of the exchange of knowledge of people in a networked society. With the development of ideas continually, in which many times it was found that innovation arising from discussions on web boards, as well as creating more social power This can be seen from whenever social problems arise.

There will be criticism. Comment finds a solution to various problems with many people participating which the integration of this social group It creates the power to propel and continue to improve the country Along with the use of technology to develop potential in various areas but in another angle will find that the relationship of people using this technology It’s a superficial relationship.

There is no real face-to-face communication. Some people just want to keep many friends. Friends in this society are not very important. In addition, personal information in social networks. I can’t say is it’s the correct information or not. Causing to be seen as a society of deceit and insincerity

– The lack of face-to-face communication makes many times the user loses consciousness and morality and leads to the negative behavior that they want to do. But not done in the real world to be used in the cyber world. By often using messages to insult, sarcasm or post pictures that are quite obscene, causing many times social networks Become a gathering place for people who are socially problematic. And in the end, in many cases, it caused many legal problems. Often see in newspapers every day.

– and worse than that It is often the user himself. Often deceived out of ignorance by believing messages in that network And being deceived to do bad things such as being tricked into rape Mayhem or cause death It turns out that networked society is the cause. Resulting in more and more cases

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Therefore, it can be seen that the networked society, although it is a new technology who stepped into the world not long ago But it has a very high impact on society. And is a government organization Or organizations involved in social care are not careful. Will make their own society to be a victim of this technology There is also the use of machinery in factories to replace more human labor, causing more people to lose their jobs.

Economic impact :

Information technology in social networks is a way to find information. Or doing business that is very cheap Currently, companies turned to advertising through social networks more because it’s free of cost And it has a quick effect on communicating to other people, whether it’s creating a network page on Facebook to promote. And get customer feedback or posting their own ads on YouTube, which has become a channel that allows people to view more than television or radio channels

– This is another opportunity for organizations. That can directly collect information on interests and needs of consumers. It created more perspectives, more diverse opinions. Until causing new innovations to come up and can be used in the profession or conducting business very well

– But vice versa If the user himself did not foresee the benefits arising from the adoption of this technology Come to use it and it will become that all day keep playing Hi5 Facebook, posting your own photos. Work not done causing the organization to not develop Because people in the organization do not pay attention to work efficiently.

It can be seen that social networking information technology has influences both positively and negatively. And on the bad side for economic development is very high which is you see the benefits of information technology in this social network It will be used to create a strategy to drive business as well. Which of course If sellers are able to sell products that meet the needs of customers even more. And respond to the needs of the mind and what it is. would definitely have a positive effect on the country’s economic condition

Political impact :

Social network information technology was used to create a very high political influence But it was little known until Barack Obama won the election. As the 44th president of the United States, he himself was the one who focused on the creation of social information technology. Network up and can be used in campaigning as well

but vice versa Even is the networked society has benefits to the government, it’s true. But sometimes there is a serious penalty as well. Because it is a society that does not block ideas, causing many times posts that are sensitive to national security or the King’s Council As the news has come out It affects both the poster itself. And the owner who provides service too It also affects the image of the country as well.

Environmental impact :

Today’s technology is in demand and widely used. Some types used to be assembled as technological devices when they expire. Worked or unused, it is difficult to dispose of and some equipment contains chemicals that are Residual dangers such as batteries, batteries, which are sometimes disposed of in public places such as rivers with negligence. It may be dangerous.

Guidelines for solving problems

1. Separate waste that is material, technological equipment that may cause harm. And then throw it away in the right place

2. Government organizations or organizations involved in social care must carefully monitor. Along with presenting and warning found in this society thoroughly In order not to let their own society be a victim of this technology.

3. Parents should give advice and provide necessary knowledge about the use of technology and the dangers that come from technology.

4. Should encourage and encourage members of society Do the right thing, not illegal, not causing trouble. And take advantage of technology innovative way. Up rather than destroy


When human beings have a society and a livelihood causes ideas. Began to see problems arising from their lifestyles make use of ideas to develop things to be used to solve problems From the beginning, human beings used basic ideas to solve problems that were not very complex. It makes people know how to think more complex.

Detailed, thoughtful, thoughtful to create something that will meet the needs of solving problems related to with living up it’s’s a woodworking machine, a tool, or a process, it happens. Technology itself is man-made on the basis of science.

The science is It is this knowledge that arises from observing human nature and technology that comes into existence. Role in life As a result, the lifestyle of human beings has changed. Where technology plays a greater role Nowadays, technology has become of interest to people all over the world. Every branch of technology is widely applied in various fields, be it medicine, agriculture, education or communication. That are all related to the present life


Technology plays a big role nowadays. it’s is the use of technology in daily activities. Used in work In terms of increasing productivity, increasing income, until technology is an indispensable thing that humans live. As one day, is you think carefully, you will find that In your daily life you have to deal with technology and when you look around you.

Technology will always be in your sight. Humans have developed technology in many forms and numbers. And is asked is the technology is the most advanced and the whole world gives the most importance probably this will not end Communication technology that is a network covering the whole world.

That even is you are on different sides of the world, you can be close to each other in this network Which is easy and yet comfortable and has a variety of formats. Become a social network The birth of this networked society has changed the way of life. Affecting various aspects whether in the social There is more exchange of knowledge and culture. Have a lot of friends in the social network

But is the bad things are used, it can cause problems. Or choose to use improper communication technology, it can cause problems as well, such as being addicted to games, buying illegal products. And because the technology is easy to access, it is comfortable to use. Along with the oversight, it may not be thorough because the technology has a wide scope. Thus, technology must be studied and selected appropriately in order not to problems followed.

What is the impact of IT development on human daily life?

Nowadays, information technology plays a role in daily life. Of human beings in every The aspect that is almost a part of human life that has it all. And every day, technology has been development to progress further and further unceasingly Technology facilitates human beings in many ways. it’s is communication, transportation, allowing humans to communicate across continents in less than a minute.

There are also educational, medical, etc., but at the same time, technology can cause serious harm is humans use it in the wrong way, such as data theft. Illegally changing bank or hospital information building missiles and various nuclear bombs

These things all inflict serious penalties. Causing the loss of life and property a lot, is a problem that has been encountered before, so it can be seen that information technology is something that is still probably related to human life as long as We still have to rely on technology. But the impact on human beings that will occur to humans will be very bad, how much or how much depends on human beings who invent, think, do and use information technology itself. The impact of technology has both pros and cons. Or positive and negative as follows.

Positive impact :

1. Help promote research in technology

Computers play an important role in helping advance technology research because they can perform complex calculations that could not be done before. A simple example is a satellite transmission control. Sending a spaceship Calculation of the design of a large building or structure It would be difficult without a computer. Incidentally, researchers, scientists And today’s technologists can still use information from the data bank for reference and invent new research or research. In their own branches can also be added. These researches eventually came back to affect people in various fields.

2. Promote human comfort

Computers can help humans perform various tasks. More comfortably whether in the office industrial plant Electric power plants, hospitals, airplanes, cars, etc. Computers help organize tasks. Help type to help control the takeoff and landing of the plane. It helps to control various tools to work honestly and efficient Computers give us a lot of time to relax and relieve stress from work.

3. It helps to promote human intelligence.

Computers are tools that challenge intelligence. The idea of human beings is Humans write commands to make the machine work as desired. Although computers will make us calculate less. But we must use the idea of ordering work. To solve more problems than ever before In addition, the advancement of computer systems in education allows humans to study. And understand more academic things, making human beings understand nature and understand themselves more than their own shadow.

4. Help promote democracy

When most households can have a computer, the government might use it. It is a tool to promote democracy, for example, it is used to send state news directly to every family. Used to get opinions from the public Process information received to obtain information that is useful for decision-making by the government and prepare various statistics. Quickly in order to carry out tasks according to the needs of the people in time At the moment, although there is still no computer in every household. But used a computer to help count the votes Let voters know the results of their vote quickly.

5. Help promote health

Computers help advance medical research. As can be seen that there is a heart monitor brain scanner computer-controlled eye examination machines, etc., in addition to medical equipment It is also used to help study the statistics of the patient’s treatment history with various types of drugs. How effective the sound is help in diagnosis And it also helps in the containment and prevention of epidemics. As a result, people will be healthier and live longer.

6. Helps the economy prosper

Using a computer has given rise to new industries many more directly or indirectly related Computer-related industries such as manufacturing, maintaining and repairing computers are emerging jobs. There are also many computer-related careers, such as computer operators. Computer programmer system analyst, etc. In commerce and banking The use of computers to help contact, trade, exchange things.

Making it possible to act more quickly As a result, people have better status and living conditions as well. The impact that computers have in a good way is not the only one we may think in detail. Get many more like Computer analysis of satellite images to help find natural resources Find a water source Prevent forest encroachment, etc.

Negative impact :

When going back in a somewhat negative way We can see that computers can have the same impact on society. These effects have yet to be realized. But it can happen is we don’t finds a way to avoid and prevent it first.

1. Cause anxiety

This effect is caused by a lack of proper knowledge and understanding of computers, an anxiety or fear that When the computer is used in offices and industrial plants, it will cause the factory to deactivate. Old workers leave and do not hire new workers to work again, but in fact The use of computers is often focused on repetitive tasks. Or complex and labor intensive I do not want to do it on behalf of people at all.

Usually, we tend to have some former employees change positions to take on new jobs or train them to work on computers instead. It makes those workers more responsible and more comfortable. Therefore, it is not called as making people unemployed. Because even though the use of computers can help save human labor a lot, it’s true. At the same time, computer work was created from the need for knowledgeable people.

Many other computer aspects are substituted. Therefore, it is equivalent to change the nature of work from manual labor to using the brain. This change will have some effect on the same poor people who have little education. But is workers can learn and adapt, they will not face such problems. However, this effect would not last long. When education in computers and other areas expands, or is various agencies Has planned to use the computer carefully. This effect would be less.

2. Create business risks

The full use of computers in business is equal to the wind. Breathe computer If not keeping the information that is the heart of the business to be stable Incidentally, that data is lost in any way. Will cause that business to be disastrous But is there is a careful protection of various information, for example, is a copy of the information is kept separately Even is the data used is lost, a backup can be used. In addition, the design of work that uses computers without computer support can cause business agility. And disadvantage to competitors as well.

3. Cause computer crime

Computers have given rise to new types of crime. Is stealing programs and data to sell to competitors Gives competitors an advantage because they can know our information and work plans. In addition, some information is a personal secret, which is stolen opens. Exposure can cause deterioration. In addition, there may also be secretly using a secret computer to modify the numbers in the account of the bank incorrectly As a result, the business can be damaged. These crimes will occur more and more with the proliferation of computer applications. In the future and need to study to finds a way to prevent

4. To deteriorate human relations

That people have to use more computers. Spend more time working and interacting with the machine. Will make him feel attentive to us less because of the use of computers. Characteristics of unilateral operation without caring about what the machine thinks Over time, people may get into the habit of thinking and working without caring for the feelings of others. And can cause conflicts in human relations, however, this effect is only a prediction, it is still uncertain whether it will actually occur or not.

5. Evoke new types of deadly weapons.

Computers are not only useful for human research, but may also help some people find ways to create new and deadly weapons.

6. It spoils your health.

Using a computer to play games for a long time can cause eye strain. And problems in learning In summary Computers are like other tools, which have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on how we choose to use them. If used in dangerous way such as in war There are many negative effects. However, looking at the overall impact will see that computers have more benefits than harm Our world would never have progressed to this level without it. broken computer In the coming future We ourselves will not be successful in our career is we do not have computer knowledge.

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How can technology make life better?

Nowadays, our lives depend on technology for a better life to live more comfortably, technology developer for convenience and safety There are pros and cons, which are normal for us to encounter and live with. Nothing is best and worst is we understand and learn together. Go with technology for a better life.

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How can technology make life better?
Technology That Influences Human Life

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  1. Technology has had a huge impact on my life, as a disabled person, thanks to technology I have been able to optimize my surroundings so that I’m able to life a more comfortable life. Thanks to technology I can use my phone as a magnifier, a device to search for job opportunities, amplify whatever I’m reading, and even have the device describe what’s in front of me for when it becomes difficult for me. It’s amazing what I have been able to achieve thanks to technology and the wonderful things it has to offer in my daily lifestyle. 

    1. Thanks for your message the technology had a huge impact for our life and i agree with you that technology surroundings our life are make our life are more comfortable

  2. I enjoyed this comprehensive look at how technology has affected our life.  Everything from how we connect with each other to our health and the way we can be good stewards of the earth.  Believe it or not, in my first job, I had to drive a dog team to the train to mail at letter.  Now I can talk to someone on the other side of the world in an instant.  How many people all over the world will read this post.  Technology is impacting our life for the better as far as I am concerned.  The more technology impacts our lives, the more it will be able to.  Thanks for this thorough article.


    1. Thank you for the message Technology encompasses and surrounds us. for convenience and as you worry I agree After all, we have to live with technology. And, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages along the way.

  3. As much as I understand from your article, technology, and the development of technology has been around for an extremely long time, and is to be a positive factor for the end game for human existance to strive and thrive for the better. 

    This is where I disagree. I see that the technological advancements that have been made over the last few years have been abused by those that feel technology is key. Understandably, it has helped developed humans over time, however there’s a downside to this in my opinion. 

    It stops people from developing their brains entirely and become too dependant on technology, for instance with the use of smart phones, and the now smart cities. 

    All of this technology has been utilized to advance coruption and that in turn is a bad thing, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Thank you for your message Of course I agree with you. Where there are advantages, there must be disadvantages. And everything always has a gap. Because human beings invented And there is always a way for those who seek opportunities.

  4. What on earth would we do without technology?  I always wondered how it all started and you shed some light there when you said that humans are designed to try and work out how to solve problems. That makes a lot of sense, because as we have evolved the problems have gotten more and more complex, leading up to more complex solutions being needed. Technology has managed to solve so many problems as we as make our day to day lives easier.  What piece of technology would you not be able to do without?

    1. Thank you for the message i agree with you As we progress, problems become more and more complex. which leads to solving complex problems, 🙂

  5. As a person who grew up in a world without the internet and grew into a world full of internet, I must say that technology has personally changed my life.
    Health tracking, accessibility, medical information (I have a history of Crohn’s disease), work from home, and more.
    Do you think technology will eventually improve enough to lead our lives in a smarter and healthier way?

    1. Thank you for the message Of course, technology will develop to lead our lives in a good way. It can be seen that about our health there are many technologies related to health. And it will develop a lot in the future.

  6. Technology has undoubtedly impacted our lives in countless ways, both positively and negatively. On the one hand, technology has made our lives easier, more convenient, and more efficient. It has enabled us to connect with people across the world, access information instantaneously, and accomplish tasks more quickly and accurately. Moreover, technology has advanced in many fields such as medicine, agriculture, transportation, and entertainment, resulting in better health, higher productivity, and improved quality of life.

    On the other hand, technology has also brought some negative effects. It has led to increased sedentary lifestyles, decreased face-to-face interactions, and higher levels of stress and anxiety. Moreover, technology has contributed to environmental degradation, social isolation, and job displacement. Therefore, it is important to balance the benefits and drawbacks of technology use in our lives.

    1. Thank you for the message I agree with your opinion, balancing technology and humans requires a balance. But on the other hand, I see that the environment also plays an important role in changing our lives. Safety and convenience therefore come first. Human beings decide to use technology.

  7. Hey a great and information packed resource you have here!

    Technology has evolved really fast making it essential part of our lives! It is literally everywhere and now since it has been so incorporated into our lives it would be hard to manage without it, even daily. Technology certainly has its pros and cons which vary across different areas such as social, economical, environmental etc.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for the message Technology is important to our lives today. What’s the matter of time that makes time saving and fast as well as being convenient and safe? Technology that meets our needs will benefit us and make us comfortable, save time, and be safe.

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