CEFALY Technology treatment and prevention of migraine.

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CEFALY Technology of migraine

The most essential thing in our life is that health comes first. And the inevitable illness everyone in society has to face is migraine, another health problem. It is sometimes unavoidable. For those who experience frequent stress, The consequences can frustrate us and worsen our health. What about the most common treatments that use headache medicine to relieve pain? It’s not the proper treatment. Today with new medical technology, So we have products that help us with migraine treatment and prevention that you need to pay attention to and focus on. Because this is a product that will help you not worry about migraines anymore.

Cefaly offers the best safety efficacy ratio compared to current anti-migraine oral medication. It is the first line of treatment for patients having frequent migraine attacks. Cefaly enables the use of medicines to be significantly reduced and the sufferer‘sufferer’sof life to be markedly improved. It is the optimal solution for most migraineurs. Cefaly has been awarded the CE mark for medical products and certified according to the ISO Medical Device Standard.CEFALY is a breakthrough migraine treatment that treats the root cause of migraine pain. It is a drug-free alternative that stimulates the Trigeminal nerve accessed through the skin on the forehead. This easy-to-use medical device works to treat acute migraine attacks quickly, as well as prevent future episodes. It’s clinically proven, FDA-cleared, doctor-recommended, and available OTC with no prescription required.

After the trial period, you have the following options:

  1. You return Cefaly, and we will refund you CHF 346.- (selling price of CHF 421.- minus CHF 75.- rental charges).
  2. You extend the trial period under the same conditions for another 40 days. The Cefaly device is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase (excl. return shipping costs).
  3. You keep Cefaly.

What is Cefaly?

Cefaly is an External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS) for migraine treatment. A self-adhesive electrode is placed on the forehead and the Cefaly device is magnetically connected to this electrode. Precise micro-impulses are then sent through the electrode to the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve to either relieve the headache pain during a migraine attack (Acute setting) or to prevent future migraine attacks (Prevent setting).

Who is Cefaly for?

Cefaly is intended for patients who suffer from migraine with or without aura, particularly when drug consumption needs to be reduced. The Acute setting is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine attacks. The Prevent setting is shown for migraineurs who have frequent attacks (3 or more per month) and need migraine prevention to reduce the frequency of attacks.

Efficacy for Cefaly Users

Acute treatment

Acute migraine treatment (1-hour session)

Significant pain relief for 8 out of 10 patients

Total Pain freedom for one-third of patients

headache, pain relief, Migraine Relief, migraine


Migraine Prevention (daily 20-minute sessions)

CEFALY keeps them migraine free.

headache, pain relief, Migraine Relief, migraine

Clinical studies

The efficacy of CEFALY has been demonstrated by clinical studies that have been carried out since 2008. The validated results have been published in highly respected medical journals.

Acute treatment of migraine

Type of clinical studyConclusionScientific publication
Double-blind versus placeboSedative effectBMC Neurology 2011
Pilot open trialEffective for acute treatment of migraine attacksNeuromodulation 2017
SurveyEffective for users in the “real word”Acta Ne”rol Belg. 2017
Pivotal Randomized Double-blind versus placeboEffective and safe for acute treatment of migraine attacksClinicalTrials. gov
Pilot open trialEffective for migraine abortionClinicalTrials. gov
Type of clinical study

Migraine Prevention

Type of clinical studyConclusionScientific publication
Pivotal Randomized Double-blind versus placeboEffective at preventing migraineNeurology 2013
A cohort of 2300 patientsBest safety for migraine treatmentJournal of Headache and Pain 2013
Responders rateFirst line treatmentJournal of Headache and Pain 2015
Prospective study on chronic migraineEffective on chronic migraineNeurological Sciences 2017
Prospective exploratory on refractory migraineEffective on refractory migraineBMC Neurology 2017
Type of clinical study


Neurophysiology and Mechanism of action

Type of clinical studyConclusionScientific publication
PET ScanThe central action of CefalyCephalalgia 2016
Action mechanismCurrent knowledge of mechanisms of the trigeminal nerveInternal Medicine Review 2017
fMRIThe central action of CefalyFrontiers in Neurology2017
ReviewPrevious data confirmationPain and Therapy journal 2015
Evoked Cortical PotentialThe central action of CefalyCephalalgia 2018
ReviewThe rationale for electrical parametersCephalalgia 2018
Type of clinical study
An at-home migraine solution, backed by science. Learn how CEFALY works.

Reference clinics

  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands

Most headaches and migraines involve the trigeminal nerve. Its superior branch ends at the eye socket’s socket’sderneath the forehead’s skin.

Neurostimulation if the trigeminal nerve with

Forehead electrode

Cefaly works using an electrode that is applied to the forehead. Each electrode can be used up to 20 times (a dozen times for Blue Gel electrodes).

It is essential to cleanse and degrease the skin on the forehead so the electrode will effectively stick to the skin. The skin should be washed with soap and water. After use, the electrode should be placed back on its clear plastic backing strip and stored in its pouch to prevent it from drying out.

How to use Cefaly?

More than 95% of users find Cefaly very easy to use. Here you will find the practical application as a video:

Cefaly and Arnold Kit for Cefaly (subject to availability). You can also download the detailed instructions for use:

User Manual The following are the 6 steps of the Cefaly application:

Maximum Safety

Side EffectsCefalyDrug
FREQUENCY4,3 %50 %
Side Effects

More than 200,000 Cefaly devices are in use. Data since 2008.

Cefaly Side Effects

  • Were observed in 4.3% of patients
  • Harmless and completely reversible
  • The most common: is the incompatibility of the electrical impulse on the forehead
  • The most violent: An allergic skin reaction to the electrode

Most common side effects

  • Incompatibility of the electrical impulse on the forehead: 1.25%
  • Drowsiness during and after use: 0.65%
  • Headache after application: 0.52%
  • Redness on the forehead: 0.22%

Laboratory measurements have shown that the magnetic field in the immediate vicinity of the Cefaly is below 0.2 μT (2 mg). This value is negligible compared to magnetic field values generated by an electric shaver (usually between 15 and 1500μT measured at 3cm) or a hair dryer (typically between 6 and 2000μT).

Long-term data

Neurostimulation has been in operation for more than 20 years, including devices that are implanted in the head and stay in operation for years. The only problems that are known in implantable neurostimulators, however, are never related to the surgical procedure itself with the Neurostimulation technique itself. For this reason, the neurostimulation technique is considered extremely safe. The specialty and innovation of Cefaly is to make it possible to apply the technique externally in a gentle way

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Relieve Migraine Pain Today & Prevent Future Migraines. Try CEFALY Risk-Free!Every day, people are experiencing migraine relief with CEFALY. Shop Now!
headache, pain relief, Migraine Relief, migraine

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Electromagnetic aspects

headache, pain relief, Migraine Relief, migraine

Price: For CHF 75.- (incl. VAT and shipping costs), you can try Cefaly for 40 days. You buy Cefaly at the average selling price of CHF 421.- (incl. VAT and shipping charges).

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  1. This was a very interesting post as I was not aware that there is a solution for migraine. I thought this is simply something that everyone suffering with migraines has to deal with. Cefaly sounds like a very interesting product worth exploring.

  2. Hey, terrific post about CEFALY for migraine headaches. My wife used to get terrible migraine headaches, and was put on some serious medications for them. She was put on oxycontin and subsequently became addicted. It ruined her life, not to mention mine. Our whole world was based around her getting enough to be comfortable.
    Your article is very detailed and understandable. I am sure many migraine sufferers will appreciate it.
    So I can tell you I am very much in favor of non drug therapy for migraines.

    1. Hi william! thanks for your message, I also agree that there is a cure without medication. because it is essential nowadays. Because we need a lot of medicines and vaccines. And we don’t know if our bodies can handle the drugs or vaccines. It is a very good technology.

  3. I didn’t know there was a new CEFALY technology to prevent migraines. I know about some natural methods such as massage, hot water shower, stretching the neck, and some relaxation exercises, but this method of new technology seems very useful since you don’t have to consume various drugs. Thank you for this informative article I’m sure it will be useful to many to solve their migraine problem.

    1. Thanks for the message. Yes, it’s good to relax and get in touch with nature. And people with migraines don’t have to worry about it. For them, a better solution than medicine is CEFALY technology therapy

  4. Hey,

    I have a family member who has suffered from migraines all his life. I am going to forward this to them as I believe it is a new way of relieving them and could be a more effective treatment.

    I will let you know how they get on with reading your article and if they take this up as a treatment.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom!! Thanks for your message that will be good news to hear that CEFALY can help, to be sure for information please call or contact CEFALY at the link and you will find the clinic around you. I am happy if this can help you (info@cefaly.ch – Phone: 031 529 28 32 – Fax: 031 812 28 29) or following this like for more Reference clinics in swiss and around the world( https://www.cefaly.ch/efficacy/reference-clinics/)

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