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Well, hello to all technology people; I have had the opportunity to contact a professor who is known to Professor and to talk and get in touch with a new project on technology and 2B Technology and Professor.

Wishing that this article was added to my column; it was a pleasure and a long time friendship and personal friendship that I had heard of research on the technology life of A long time professor who was unsuccessful at the time and is now thriving; I would like to present his work and provide details of his career to my website for publicity and for I’m waiting for a letter from the Professor to confirm that all the documents and detailed information available on this website are accurate and not copied from and that he is willing to give me for publication. With the public benefit, I ask everyone to wait a little longer and see you soon.

Today website techbforbetterlhttps://techforbetterlife.com/2b-technologies/ife.com welcomes  2B Technology.

2B Technologies


2B Tech Co-Founder John Birks Honored with the
2022 Future of Life Award

2B Tech Co-Founder John Birks Honored with the

 We are incredibly proud to announce that John Birks, Co-founder of 2B Technologies, has received an award from the Future of Life Institute for discovering and communicating the climatic effects of nuclear war, i.e., “nuclear winter.”

John’s paper, co-authored with Paul Crutzen and published in 1982 in Ambio, was the first to show how widespread fires from nuclear weapons would generate enough smoke to significantly block sunlight for many weeks, triggering worldwide famine through its effects on agriculture. “The Atmosphere After a Nuclear War: Twilight at Noon” was a catalyst for international research, leading to the popularized term “nuclear

2B Technologies

World leaders in the late 1980s, notably Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, understood that even a limited-scale nuclear war would devastate the entire planet. This work is widely credited for ending the nuclear arms race, and many believe it helped prevent a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Watch the video below about how John and his colleagues’ science entirely averted disaster and protected humanity.

The Atmosphere After a Nuclear War: Twilight at Noon
The Future of Life Award

Air Pollution News
Wildfire Plumes Are Getting Taller–And Why That Matters, New Findings Have Implications for Air Quality, Climate

re frequently. They're getting more

Wildfires are not just occurring more frequently. They’re getting more intense…and according to a new study, they’re getting taller.

That matters because the plumes are like a pipeline for transporting particles to the upper layers of the troposphere and even the stratosphere, where they can then spread farther. This means that the effects on air quality have become more extensive. For example, Utah is more likely to experience the impact of fires than California. Indeed the results can become continental in scale. In August 2018, Western Canadian wildfire smoke reached New York City.

In the new study, researchers from the University of Utah  focused on the American West and
Canada, assembling a database of an astounding number of plumes (~4.6 million) that occurred in August and September of 2003-2020. Modeling the plume data, they determined the trends in the maximum height reached by the plumes. In nearly all areas, the full size increased from 300 to over 700 feet per year. (To put it in perspective: The Eiffel tower is about 1000 feet tall.)

researchers from the University of Utah focused on the American West and Canada, assembling a database

I was left: Trends in the maximum heights of the ~4.6 million plumes that occurred from 2003-2020. Right: The trends in the average plume height, weighted by the PM2.5 flux of the plume. Figure 1 of Wilmot et al., 2022.

The biggest jumps in max plume height also seemed to occur in recent years, suggesting that the trend may accelerate. More data are needed to establish this impression statistically.

When fire plumes reach further upward,  there are consequences for climate and air quality. In the higher layers of the atmosphere, the particles have a longer lifetime and exert direct and indirect radiative effects. And there is the risk of a potential feedback loop in which the lofted particles suppress rainfall, increasing wildfire activity.

The authors note that the trends in wildfires and their plumes are most likely due to climate changes, such as increasing temperatures and decreasing precipitation. Though many nations are taking various actions to address climate change, lead author Taylor Wilmot notes that to some extent, the horse is already out of the barn: “The reality is that some of these [climate change] impacts are already baked in, even if we cut emissions right now. It seems we’re largely along for the ride at the moment.”

Wildfire Plumes in the Western US Are Reaching Greater Heights and Injecting More Aerosols Aloft as Wildfire Activity Intensifies, T. Wilmot, D.V. Mallia, A. Gannet Haller, and J. Lin, Scientific Reports (2022), 12, 12400.

Link to Scientific Reports Paper

Case Study: 2B Tech’s Model 106-L Ozone Monitor

Monitoring Ozone in the Remote Forests– for Years!

Using 2B Tech’s Monitors Found to be Cost-Effective and Sustainable

How does ozone pollution affect forests? And what happens if you put our 2B Tech ozone
monitors in the remote forest for FIVE YEARS to find out?

Using 2B Tech's Monitors Found to be Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Researchers in Europe did that, leaving our Model 106-L monitors (in our rugged “Industrial” enclosures) in remote forest areas to run unattended for long periods. The study looked at costs compared to a passive ozone sampling system that was less expensive at a startup.

Modeled monetary costs of passive sensor systems (IVL, OG)

Over the long haul, it was more economical and environmentally sustainable to run the 2B Tech systems because they required less frequent human interactions and fewer trips to the monitoring sites. In addition, the higher quality of the 2B Tech monitor data meant that researchers could use the data in stomatal flux studies of how the ozone affects the trees. This is a “WIN x 3” for the researchers, the trees, and 2B Tech! Read the open-access study by Carrari et al., linked below!

Figure: Modeled monetary costs of passive sensor systems (IVL, OG) versus active monitoring with the 2B Tech Model 106-L, over 3-time horizons of monitoring. Based on the MOTTLES 5-year study in European forests. Figure Credit: Modified from Figure 4 of Carrari et al., 2021.

Economic and Life Cycle Analysis of Passive and Active Monitoring of Ozone for Forest Protection, E. Carrari, A. De Marco, A. Laschi, O. Badea, L. Dalstein-Richier, S. Fares, S. Leca, E. Marchi, P. Sicard, I. Popa, Y. Hoshika, A.Materassi, G. Pallante, D. Peter, and E. Paoletti, Environments (2021), 8 (10), 104.

Link to Environments Pape

The 2B Tech Model 106-L Ozone Monitor

Employee Spotlight

Andrew McCullough: Making Sure Our Instruments Get from
Point A to Point B
Meet Our Shipping and Manufacturing Assistant

Andrew McCullough

Andrew McCullough most likely packed it up for you if you’ve received a shipment from us in the last few years. An expert in all things related to packing and shipping, Andrew is 2B Tech’s ace Shipping and
Manufacturing Assistant.n Andrew joined the 2B Tech team in August 2019. (and he’s been surrounded by boxes ever since!). Over that time, he’s mastered the ins and outs of shipping our ~20 different instruments, each of
which has its time-tested procedures and materials for safe and secure transport. He also helps put together some of the spare parts we send to customers and make various assemblies that go into our instruments. In the shipping world, timing is crucial, and things can get challenging when there are large shipments to far-off places. Andrew handles it with calm confidence. He’s learned some tricks to make his work more efficient. And as he notes,
“I’m handy with a tape gun!”

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Andrew is a true Colorado native who now lives near Denver. You’ll find him with friends going to concerts, movies, and comedy shows or playing video games in his spare time. He also recently completed a course in video production and enjoyed honing his newfound skills in that area. Aside from that: If Andrew’s friends need any help with packing for a move or gift wrapping, Andrew is the man!

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