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Ideas for Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation refers to the process of using technology to create something new or change the old way of doing business to suit the ever-changing digital era. It covers three dimensions: the organization’s business process, organizational cultural dimension, and customer experience dimension.

One of the benefits of digital transformation

Is creating new experiences for customers, which enhances customer experience. When organizations create new customer experiences, it strengthens the bond between the organization (or brand) and its customers, leading to sustainability in the future.

An example of a company that creates new experiences for customers in the digital age is Netflix. Netflix’s use of a digital platform that allows customers to stream movies and TV shows directly to their smartphones has generated enormous profits for the company, up to 20 billion US dollars per year.

Another benefit of digital transformation

Is accumulating more databases of insights. Collecting information related to the organization and its customers in all dimensions makes it easier to pick up and use this information as a base to understand customers better, make decisions with enough information, set a business strategy, and see the opportunity to profit from the investment.

When the organization is digitally aligned, it can drive the organization in different dimensions faster and more conveniently. This kind of agility is known as “Agility,” a concept that goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation. An example is working from home.

When Covid-19 first spread, organizations that had undergone digital transformation were able to give orders to work from home, and employees could start work immediately.


To start the digital transformation process,

There are four main guidelines.

-The first is to state the purpose clearly. Before an organization can enter the details, the purpose must be clearly defined. For example, if it is an IT business, the primary goal is to enhance the value of the digital experience for customers.

-The second guideline is to learn and know the technology that will be used. It’s impossible to do digital transformation without knowing the essential technologies, such as various software that can do almost all the work for people and the Internet of Things that connects different devices.

-The third guideline is to rethink and redesign the overall business landscape.

-Finally, cyber security is essential in doing digital transformation.

Nike is an example of a company that has successfully undergone digital transformation. The company has transformed its organization with digital transformation, leading itself to be known in the digital world as Nike “Just Did It.” From a footwear and apparel company, Nike has driven itself to use digital transformation in the wearables market.

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14 thoughts on “What is Digital Transformation”

  1. That is an excelent post, Aris. Thank you for sharing about Digital Transformation. I enjoyed it, and it was a fascinating read. The great story about Nike, from “Just Do It” to “Just Did It”, sounds simple but effective. Its points out the importance of digital transformation. Thank you for this post; looking forward to some more like this. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

    1. Thanks for the message. Digital matters are something we can understand if we understand. And it affects the product as well, that’s its advantage.

  2. We cannot emphasize the impact of technology on our daily lives. I love your definition of digital transformation. I m an engineer, and every time I walk around, I see technology bringing life to our environment. I see technology transform and improve the way we do things. As the world continues to grow, with the help of technology, we will enhance the use of renewable energy. It will make a living better, easier, and more affordable

  3. Thank you for sharing ideas for digital transformation. 

    At first I didn’t really know what it meant, then it made sense.

    Increasing sales is an advantage of digital transformation that many people might be able to name right away, but that isn’t the main goal or benefit.

    The main benefit of implementing digital transformation is sustainability, which is made up of numerous advantages because there are numerous ways to boost sales.

    Our lives today depend on technology for more convenience, thus it is important that we grasp it and that it is a part of our business.

    1. Thanks for the message, and I agree with your opinion. Just like technology, everything changes with the date and time. And nowadays it is true that we have to rely on technology.

  4. I think digital transformation will grow upcoming years. It is a way to go not only for big companies but also for small business. Things changes and many people give more trust to technology and cyber reality. This way we reduce cost and deliver better comfort. Time for improvements for this area.

  5. Technology has changed and advanced so much over recent years, and that includes digital transformation. With digital transformation, consumers can have a better experience. It increases efficiency and can save a ton of time and effort, thus saving a company money as well. 

    Digital transformation is not only used by large companies, but increasingly by small businesses and individuals. If you want to be at the forefront of your field, it is essential to stay up to date with digital transformation. 

    1. Thanks for the message. I agree with you that Digital transformation is used by large companies and increasingly by small businesses and individuals. If you want to be at the forefront of your field, staying up to date with digital transformation is essential. 

  6. Digital transformations are happening in this day and age with ever-increasing speed. The average person just does not have time to keep track of all the advancements; it is why we need professionals to help steer us in the right direction. When a website is made the one component needed for long term success is sustainability. The right digital tools need to used to mange companies more completely. For small businesses, this is hard to do so obtaining the needed solutions by reading since the budget is more limited might be the only way. Thank you for steering us in the right direction. 

  7. In today’s world where technology has become an important part of our daily lives, every company and business owner must learn to use it to their advantage. We don’t do business today like we used to and this is where digital transformation comes into play. 

    I like your example of Nike. They did not allow their brand to get stuck with their old slogan but came up with a better one that still accurately represents their product. As a result of their digital transformation, their company grew even more and their stock price appreciated.

    And still speaking of digital transformation, a TV network here in my country, let’s call it Network A, underwent digital transformation even before the global pandemic. Unfortunately, they were found to be guilty of violating several of the NTC guidelines for network operation. While the case was being heard in Congress, Network A continued to air its programs digitally; that is through its website, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel. 

    And then the pandemic hit, causing the other telecommunication networks to follow after Network A. The advantage of Network A is that they’re already thriving in the digital world. So, even if all the other networks went digital, Network A still ranks number one because it is the very first network to undergo a digital transformation.

    It always pays to be first, would you agree? ☺

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