Technology has connected people

Technology has connected people in ways that have never been possible before.

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Whether it’s for work or life, family is equally important. Thanks to technology, we can now get closer to our family, even if we live in a foreign land far away. Family relationships are significant, and if we have to be far from each other, hearing someone’s voice or question can make us feel more at ease. Modern communication technology is the only thing that can help alleviate anxiety caused by physical distance.

Communication is everywhere these days.

We are all connected to technology to get closer to family or business, and it has become a big industry. While not all technology is accessible, we are willing to pay for state-of-the-art technology that allows us to communicate conveniently and save time. It’s evident in our desire to connect with family, and we’re willing to pay for crystal-clear pictures and sound.

Information technology can be classified into three types:

computer technology, telecommunication technology, and communication technology.

Computer technology :

Consists of hardware and software. Hardware consists of five parts: input devices (such as keyboard, mouse, scanner, touch screen, light pen, magnetic strip reader, and bar code reader), output devices (such as monitors, printers, and terminals), the central processing unit, main memory, and spare memory. Software is an essential component in controlling the operation of a computer, and it can be divided into two types: system software and application software.

System software is responsible for controlling various devices within the computer system and is an intermediary between the user and the computer or hardware. It can be divided into three main types: operating system programs, utilities that facilitate the computer’s user during data processing or use, and translators that interpret the commands in a computer language into a format the computer understands.

Application software is a program written to perform specific tasks on demand and can be divided into three types: application software for general tasks, application-specific software created for use in specific businesses, and other application software written for entertainment purposes.

Telecommunication technology

Is used to communicate, send/receive data, and send data between computers or devices that are far away from each other. This enables the dissemination of information to users from various sources in a convenient, fast, accurate, complete, and timely manner. Wired and wireless telecommunication systems such as telephone systems, modems, faxes, telegraphs, radio broadcasting, and television are all part of this technology. The primary mechanisms of telecommunications consist of the source of text, media for sending/receiving messages, and message receiving section.

Communication technology

is the combination of various technologies to transmit and receive messages, including text, sound, and video. The Royal Institute’s dictionary defines technology as the art of applying applied science to its benefits. It refers to the practical and industrial application of science. Information means facts or things that are accepted as facts, while communication means bringing media or messages of one party to another. It consists of messengers or sources of the information transmission channel, which is the medium.

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50 thoughts on “Technology has connected people”

  1. The importance of communication with your family is vital to your life to relieve stress. 

    Communication has made been made easier by using mobile phones both using audio and visual. 

    This level of sophistication uses a huge amount of innovation, and technology that connects the world with you.

    Thank you for explaining the different parts of a computer’s hardware and software of a computer and their functions.

    It is helpful to know the varieties of application software that does specific functions.

    t helps make our life easier to be knowledgeable about them. 

    I look forward to more of these kinds of knowledge.

    1. thanks for the message Of course, I value my family and I understand that thinking of my father or mother. or parents are worried about their children how are you feeling I want to convey and give a little knowledge. Because in the future, the evolution of communication will change more and more quickly. I will try to study more information so that people who read it can use it or adjust and open up to good things. that will happen in the future Technology of the future change our world ?

  2. Thank you very much for this valuable and comprehensive post about Technology connects people together. I actually agree with what you are saying. Because today’s technology has connected the whole world together. Especially communication technology. And I think these things should be further developed. Because with these things, the sinners can feel like they are near wherever they are in the world. Keep posting like this.

    1. thanks for the message I agree with you that technology has connected people. And it’s very suitable for people who are far away from each other. and can communicate and talk as if they were just in front of each other And yes, it should continue to evolve to support evolution, not just contact but can provide us with security.

      arisara Technology of the future change our world ?

  3. Indeed technology connects peolpe as it connecting and communication with family and friend and even for business is vital, especially when your a far away. There are some many gadgets that can be use to communicate today. But at the same time if it can be misused and cause harm. So there is need for it to be more developed to safeguard users.

    1. Thank you for the message I agree with you. It can be misused and can cause harm. And more needs to be developed to protect users. And if we know the information of technology as well, it will be even better. Because we have rights and can choose technology.

  4. This is a very serious topic. Technology has advanced so much that you can connect and see relatives or friends who live on the other side of the planet. With the help of such applications, I hear from my relatives from other countries without any problems. Online dating is also very popular now, just be very careful with this option.

  5. We think that technology is forming this new generation and millennials are taking the punch to bet the wave of technology. Connection is networking and connects people together. The way we think of technology is it will not ever die and only get stronger.


  6. It’s wonderful that there are so many wonderful ways to connect with our friends and loved ones nowadays from the simple WhatsApp to more advanced technology like video calls. A few decades ago we were writing letters and paying a fortune for long distance phone calls so we are so lucky to be living in present times. 

  7. We have surely noticed worldwide that technology connects people together, especially during times of Covid19 and lockdowns, where being together physically was basically impossible or to a bare minimum. Being able to still “see” and hear each other, family or colleagues, was a savure for the mind and soul, I agree!

  8. Hey thanks for this post! It’s very interesting as well as informational!

    Technology has advanced do much that if you actually sit and think about where we came from its mind blowing. Now it has become such a part of us that if we were to distant our selfs from certain programs it would impact our lives greatly. I think technology which are used for communication would be the main area which if we were to take out of our lives, it would have a negative impact since we now so heavily rely on.

    We use telecommunications and other forms to feel closer to friends and loved ones, it in a way closes that distant gap when we are able to use technology to our advantage!

  9. It is so amazing when it comes to technology, who would have ever thought we would come this far, remember back in the day when messages were sent by telegraph, message in a bottle, or using pigeons that were trained? Now we can communicate with people from the other side of the world in seconds. Technology does connect people together.

  10. Technology has changed and advanced so much over the past few years, that it can sometime be difficult to keep up with all the latests technological developments. Technology certainly makes it much easier to stay connected. It somehow makes the world seem to be a smaller place when you connect with family and friends that live on the other side of the world to you. 

    I love using apps like WhatsApp and Signal to talk to my family in far away places. And with the addition of video, one can also see the other party, which makes it great to see little ones that are growing up. I am all for technology that keeps us connected to our loved ones. 

    But it has also made it much easier to do business with people that are in other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource. 

    1. “Thanks for your comment, Yes Technology has changed and advanced so much over the past and sometimes difficult to keep up with all the latestes technological developmemts, and certainly makes easier to stay connected other side of the world to you and keep us connected to our loved ones it all technology made for better life comfort.

  11. Technology is definitely useful provided you don’t get addicted to it.  The vibrations and blue light from computer screens and mobile phones, can interfere with our own natural vibrations.

    Especially, late at night causing difficulty of getting to sleep.

    The solution?

    Make sure to have a social media fast for 3 days a month.   To give your eyes and brain a rest.  Make sure to tell your family you are taking a holiday where phones and computers are not allowed.

    They may not understand at first, but your brain and eyes will thank you in the long-term.

  12. You are absolutely right, Communication Technology does indeed connect people together no matter where they may be in the world. With this technology our world does seem to be getting smaller every day.

    Before bringing my wife to Canada, we relied on this technology to build our relationship, to get to know each other.

    We even  made plans for our future together. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to try and do this thru the mail, writing letters back and forth. 

    I like to say that I come from a pre-fax era, meaning long before even fax machines were invented. I am continually amazed at the pace of technology, and am so very grateful for it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You’re right. We start communication from letter writing and then fax machine. This is clearly the beginning of technology and the evolution of our needs. By writing, we want the letter to arrive quickly. Then we invented fax to be faster. And we would love to see images and sounds that have evolved to this day. it is very good it happened like what we think And in the future we still don’t know what will happen next. But what we’re need it about our safety in life first.

  13. My family are spread around the globe which can at times be quite disheartening, but luckily technology narrows that barrier as it is so easy to get in touch via WhatsApp, Skype etc. that distance is no longer a barrier. The same is true for the technology in the form of planes that can remove that distance and bring people together.

    Further advantages are of course the ability to do online business which was never a possibility in the past. Some say the advancement of technology brings about destruction, which can in a way be true, but at the same time it certainly has its positives, arguably with the positives by far outweighing the negatives.

    1. Thanks for your comment yes in fact technology can make better life comfort and technology are design for our need and if people use for the right thing or know how to use will be good thing but if people use the wrong way it can be. but the important thing from technology is make for our life comfort and secure in life

  14. The world has definitely changed so much with the explosion of technologies that can connect us from unimaginable distances! We can connect with almost anyone on Earth (or in space!) in real-time and share ideas that have the power to change the world. It’s amazing to think of the incredible power of this connection!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Of course technology is very powerful. But what makes it possible and powerful? it’s our people who invented and made it happen. for what we needs enable us to produce technology for our of convenience and safety in life.

  15. Thanks very much for explaining some of the workings of technology.  It is interesting to learn about the functioning of a computer, particularly memory.  I am aware that memory in a computer is vitally important, particularly when the device is used for business. 

    I have never known about Application software, so it is interesting to learn about the three types you describe.

    Telecommunication technology is also very interesting.  The era of Telecommunication technology we are living in now is amazingly wonderful.  I recall many years ago when our daughters were living in England, and we were living in New Zealand.  Other than letter writing, the only means of communication was by telephone.  The connections were not always reliable, and the cost was expensive. 

    Technology continues to evolve and it’s helpful to gain at least some understanding of the processes.

    Thank you.

    1. thanks for the message I am happy to read your message. That’s where we have the technology for this is to enable us to stay in touch with the people we love. And as I wrote in the article of

  16. Hello, I agree that nowadays technology connects people, especially when you have friends all around the world like me! Personally I use more the phone and communication apps like Skype and WhatsApp. I believe that I shall show your article to my mother, she’s so reluctant to use technology…And she really thinks that technology is of the devil and doesn’t want to use any of those, except the cell phone.

    1. Thanks for the message my mother too. She doesn’t like it that much. But she accepts a cell phone. because she had a feeling of comfort for contacting me and talk to me And now my mom wants to watch YouTube too. I’m happy to see her learned and gradually accepted it.

  17. Technology definitely has some perks. Connecting with family and friends the world over is so easy and convenient. But also for business, it offers so many opportunities such as a conference call with people halfway around the world.

    On an even broader spectrum technology connects us with our fellow humans. We can know about situations quicker, sometimes even while they are happening.

    Technology allows us to have a greater impact on our world. And to think that we´re just evolving with technology and there is surely more to come.

    1. Thanks for your comment i agree with you Because technology makes us feel safe. and help us feel at ease It helps us get closer to the people we love. And it also helps us to know the situation in advance as well. They can also provide accurate and detailed information about what we want to know. Technology connects people together.

  18. Yes i would be lost without the convenience of technology. I have been able to keep n contact with my daughter through a screen. And my father has only ever met my daughter through technology. It does a great job of connecting us all together and I don’t think its going anywhere any time soon

  19. I completely agree! Technology has come such a long way since smartphones first came out and it’s only developing even more sources for us to be able to always stay in touch with our loved ones. Honestly, where would we be without technology? Technology has surely had a widely complex impact on our society due to all the time we spent on our phones and how much we’re missing out on physical events, but at the same time it has opened so many doors for those of us who rely on the internet to stay connected not only with family but with our jobs and healthcare providers. 

  20. Hello Arisara,

    Thank you for this article. Technology has come a long way with the invention of semiconductors, if I might add. This paved the way for shrinking technological devices used for our daily communications with our family and friends no matter your location, as long as you have internet access. What used to be building-size computers shrunk to laptops/notebooks, desktop computers, LED monitors, smartphones, etc.

    The invention leads the way to the smallest microprocessors with enormous processing power. It is a vital part of our everyday lives to be able to communicate with our family and clients whenever, wherever we want.

    1. Thank you for the message, downsizing, technology devices used for communication. Very interesting. And the smallest microprocessors with enormous processing power are constantly evolving. We have products that are compact and has power to communicate

  21. I’m a huge fan of technology in every sense. I think it’s great that we have such an incredible network of computers and social media to be able to keep in contact with friends and family. I also like seeing new apps that are developed and finding my way around new sources.

    I’ve always been fascinated by how computers work and the people behind programming them. Where would we be without technology? For some perhaps it can be a burden but for myself I am pleased that I know lots about how different things work to make life so much easier and how great that we can connect with so many people.

  22. I honestly thought I knew everything about technology but you proved me wrong. I definitely learn something new reading this article. I also like the color font and the spacing and It helped me read your article smoothly. Thank you for the information you provided. Technology is changing the world everyday and peoples need to know.

  23. Thank you very much for your website about Technology. In so doing, I appreciate your conviction that in today’s world, technology connects people together. Because with technology, the things that can bring people together are communication. So, I think there’s room to develop further technologies that affect communication, for instance, virtual.

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