Sports science

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What is Sports Science mean?

It is applied science by bringing various disciplines such as anatomy, exercise physiology, sports psychology, sociology, sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports technology, and sports management applied to exercise, sports training, sporting events, and taking care of physical health in steps.

Sports science.

Sports science.


Body structure that makes up the shape of the body. Each athlete includes bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, heart, lungs, and tubes—blood, red blood cells, nerve cells, etc.

Exercise Physiology

The function of organs and systems of the body before, during, and after exercise affects the nervous and Musculoskeletal systems. How do the circulatory, respiratory and other systems work? E.g., Digestive System: Metabolism, Energy, and energy sources used in various activities: Aerobic Exercise, Anaerobic Exercise.

  • They are improving the ability of various systems to function effectively, such as tolerance to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Muscles can use energy more efficiently.
  • The exchange of oxygen gas with carbon dioxide respiratory rate
  • Heart rate; Finding the intensity of the exercise. From the formula (220 – age) * % exercise, for example, 20 years old will exercise at 65% intensity to reduce fat and heart rate. How many times do you dance per minute = (220-20) * .65 =? Beats per minute


The work of muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints leads to the use of force in moving or performing skills. How to be most effective in each type or sport to improve to fix bugs technical skills in sports

Sports science.

Sports Pedagogy

Knowledge, training principles, method, intensity, and correct training program taking into account age, gender, age, experience, and individual differences. Planning training sessions for each period correctly and appropriately. Suitable for each athlete’s physical fitness power system, specific sports types, and the ability to learn the perception of individual athletes.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrients are the essential source of energy necessary for exercising and playing sports. Food for individuals and special people helps to know how to choose nutritious food suitable for that sport activity. or repair the worn parts for athletes during training and after the match for maximum performance in the competition.

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Sports psychology

Thought processes, control of motor skills, and sports skills. Decision-making in each situation Correctly is good for the game, which shows the skills and abilities of the athletes accordingly. Correlation with incidents helps to generate positive drive and reduce athlete anxiety.

Sports Medicine

Prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for athletes in normal conditions and during training to help enhance performance. The body is in perfect condition and ready to perform at its best.

  • Sports injuries are usually caused by two things: 1. Overuse of the body part. 2. from sports accidents
  • Prevention of injuries. Protect by warming up and protected by means. In addition to protection from the outside, various devices used in sports can also be prevented with physical fitness defense skills protection and environmental nutrition protection.
Sports science.

Sports and technology

You are inventing the use of tools and equipment to support the development, promoting, and solving of problems bugs to athletes to increase the potential and performance of athletic trainers and athletes. Analyze technical skill movement data. Assessment and report the results of the competition that is useful, accurate, and quick to the player’s Sports coaching, athletes, and spectators such as photography, videography, and television: analyze motion in Sports, coaches and athletes to take the information acquired for improvement, correction, development. The ability of athletes to improve

Sports Management

Administration and management are applied to control the organization. Sports, organizing sporting events, including running a sports business, etc. Learning about solving problems that arise in sports organizations (sports organizations such as competitions, Olympics, national games, professional club sports, etc.)

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