Recognize examples of social tools and apply them in daily life.

technology for a better life

Network technology is not limited to race,

language, tradition, culture, gender, age, location, and distance. Currently, virtual world social software has been developed to create a new world society. This will be classified Purpose-Based Social Networking Software and examples of social tools that can be seen according to various online social media for understanding and be used to benefit themselves and others.

Meaning of social networking software

Social networking software enables people to meet, connect, and share knowledge and ideas on creative interests. Or work together with a computer as a medium, was born into a society or an online community.

Social networking software virtual world

In the study of social networking, software Must understand the term social network software. The software can be categorized into four types

1. Type virtual world society Knowledge Management

2. Type communication tools

3. Type tools for instant coordination

4. Type social network services

Since the Internet network has grown and entered the 4G and 5G era, we can access the Internet network more efficiently. In addition, various devices such as mobile phones, netbooks, and computer notebooks computers are cheaper. Make people in society able to come in. This online community has grown even more. In this era, it has begun to be a turning point of technology from computer networking with computers to becoming a virtual social system of real people and people on the Internet.

We cannot deny that in most of our day-to-day life, The Internet plays an increasingly important role; for example, students read information about the university’s public relations through Facebook. Teachers check students’ names via an e-learning system. The secretary sends the meeting information via email. And executives check the time of appointments via online calendars, etc. These are the most useful. Therefore, our understanding of social networking tools will help us use them.

virtual world society

Type social networking software

1. Type of knowledge management

Most knowledge management tools are in the form of web applications. Or tools that work through a web browser The nature of Use is the nature of archiving, recording, asking questions, answering questions, and expressing opinions or views on personal or general matters. It can be divided as shown in

Internet Forums

Publishing on the web page of a meeting can be a new topic or a newly added topic, a new member or a newly added comment, etc. It is a form of a group of people interested in a particular subject, using the web forum area to exchange Knowledge, express opinions, etc. It may be open to other people to read or apply. Only members can access it. You can be a member, Or some forums may be closed.

An Internet forum, for example, an E-forum, is a system that helps in knowledge management, sometimes referred to as a forum, a forum, or by other names. The ability to express your opinions at each meeting is of interest to us. Nowadays, there are many forms of media, such as sports forums, games forums, and health forums. To create a topic to educate or start a thread to ask questions in doubt and comment on the matter.



The Blog comes from the term WeBlog, which can be read as We Blog or Web Log, but both refer to the same meaning as a blog (Blog). The word Blog aims to record one’s articles (Personal Journal) on the website; the Blog’s content will cover every Subject. Whether it’s a personal story, similar to writing an online diary, you can record your own stories or perspectives in a journal. Or is it a specific article in various fields, such as politics? Camera, sports, and business stories can open what’s open to the public; anyone can read what’s to keep private. The highlight that Makes blogging as popular as it is. Blog authors, There will be their own opinions put into the articles. Some blogs will have a powerful influence on the persuasion of readers. But at the same time, Some blogs are written to be read. Together in a specific group, such as a group of friends or their own family, blog-type tools are published differently from web boards; blog posts are organized by year/month/day. Sort by group, sort by popularity, etc.

In the past, People who write blogs are still doing it in a Manual system, meaning they write their web pages one at a time. But there are currently many tools or software for us to write blogs, like Word Press Movable Type. Millions of people from all over the world. Turned to blog widely, including students, teachers, writers, and levels. Big companies in the stock market, such as NASDAQ, etc. In Thailand, many websites offer blog-building services, such as and, etc.



Wiki is the most advanced tool in knowledge management, more than the above two types. Wiki Tools is a tool open to anyone to record their Knowledge. Extending other people’s ideas as a tool helps us realize Knowledge is infinite new Knowledge today. Thus, wiki tools will allow us to develop the understanding of others by being able to edit and improve stories written by the author to have more information. It might be the old story tomorrow. The ones written in the wiki are not yet complete. I will have someone to know come to help write until it becomes a good and thorough knowledge.

The saying that a wiki is a tool open to all, Not exaggerated in any way, for example, a book before it becomes a book. The author must have accumulated a lot of information to write a book; most of them are in academic positions. Having enough Knowledge, one book to be able to write out may take 1-2 years if it is a non-stop subject such as technology Often found. That the information in the book is often outdated, and this is a disadvantage of the book. But if weak at the contents of the wiki on the academic wiki, Many people see it as an unreliable item. Because we don’t know who is the author, grade 4 kid, security guard, farmer, or who it is. No one knows. But if we look at another angle, Knowledge has no barriers, such as Knowledge of cultivation. Rice seed How to grow rice to be healthy, for example, the rice farming of a farmer who graduated grade 4 is Knowledge gained from real work. It is a method of cultivating rice with broken stumps, which makes rice healthy. Because it never actually works, it’s the information our world needs, so Wiki tools are open to Knowledge that anyone can be saved.

The WikiWikiWeb is the first wiki or user-editable website.[1] It was launched on March 25, 1995, by programmer Ward Cunningham to accompany the Portland Pattern Repository website discussing software design patterns. The name WikiWikiWeb originally also applied to the wiki software that operated the website, written in the Perl programming language and later renamed to “WikiBase.” The site is frequently referred to by its users as simply “Wiki,” A convention established among users of the early network of wiki sites that followed was that using the word with a capitalized W referred exclusively to the original site.

Wikis are different from other content management systems. The nature of the wiki site allows users to add and edit content easily. Which sometimes is not necessary want to register to edit with ease of editing and interaction. Wiki sites are often used to co-author articles. The interactive part, which can be seen from the system of the board chat online or Blog, will allow others to respond by sending an appended message. And cannot participate in the main content.

The wiki system became known after the Wikipedia encyclopedia was adopted. Which later has many departments. Use a wiki system, for example, to manage documents. Communication or even co-authoring Currently, there is a system of Web-based wikis, such as the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (, and software that can Download to install popular ones such as the Media Wiki and Doku Wiki, or if you want to try other wikis you can visit our software comparison site.

2. Type communication tools

Social networking software, in addition to allowing us to manage Knowledge. It also allows us to get to know, talk and communicate with people living in different parts of the world. Social networking software, the type of communication, can be divided into the most influential communication tool in the Internet world: electronic mail (Email), which accounts for 60 percent of Internet users.



Email stands for Electronic mail, or electronic mail is a method of exchanging digital messages designed to be used by humans as the primary means of communication. Email sent in the 1970s is very similar to email. The notice must contain the content: the sender’s address and the recipient sent. Email services on the Internet today began to emerge from the ARPANET. The transition from ARPANET to the Internet in the 1980s gave rise to modern service details. The data is transmitted through the Simple Postal Transfer Protocol (SMTP), published as an Internet standard. Multimedia attachments began to be standardized in 1996.

Currently, there are free email service providers such as Yahoo Mail (, Gmail (, and Outlook (, web-browser-based email services. Just have an email account by applying for an email with the desired service provider. Yahoo’s e-mail service has the advantage of being able to connect to other e-mail services as well. Use it to write an email in addition to entering a message. The text can also be formatted to display the reader by setting the font color. It can also include images or cartoon characters.

Chat room

Chat room is a message in a chat room program. The word “Chat” in English means to have a friendly conversation. Chatting is, therefore, a popular activity. Some people may want to find friends to talk about some interests by having to select the desired chat room and sign Then, they will be able to chat immediately by chatting with each other through the server using a web browser. We will type the message we want to talk to, and the other party will. Reply in the text as well. But this method has disadvantages. There will be other people in our chat room, and others will be able to read it, and we will be able to read other people’s chats as well. And if someone is in the chat room, A large number of them will slow down or prevent us from reading the messages of our interlocutors. In addition, some software can Talk to each other by voice through the microphone. Or take a video via a webcam as well.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Messenger (Messenger or Instant Messaging: IM) is a communication tool in the form of Instant instant messenger. It is the most popular after email. The uniqueness of the messenger program is that it can transmit information quickly, whether text, images, or files; it can be sent to friends in the friend list. Even if that friend is on the other side of the world, You can still contact them quickly. This type of program is

developed from Chat Room or Text Chat program. The steps for using the messenger program are as follows.

1. Register with a service provider (service provider) that can apply for a free membership, such as Gmail/Yahoo mail/Sanook mail, which, when applying for an email address, will be able to use the registered email address in the messenger program.

2. Install the program on the client side, most of which can be downloaded for free with the extension .exe/.tgz/.dmg depending on what operating system the download is installed on, such as MS. Windows, Mac OSX or installed on a mobile phone such as Symbian (Symbian), Android (Android) will have the same extension of the installation file. The installation file on MS Windows operating systems has a .exe extension, whereas, on Mac OSX, it has a .dmg attachment.

3. Must be connected to the Internet, whether home or ADSL line internet. Wireless from the university or work 3G,4G, 5G, Internet in which the Use of will be charged or different internet usage costs



Program for sending instant messages between people, which can be used in Linux, BSD, macOS X, and Windows operating systems, can log in to multiple accounts of other IMs simultaneously, such as MSN Yahoo ICQ. An exciting highlight is Buddy Pounces, which can set individual friends specifically, for example, assuming that Our friends change their status to Away, Online, or come back from Idle. This program can alert, send messages, show sound or let the program open. This program is distributed free to use and can be easily installed. The bus can be downloaded from the website. It’s another non-advertising alternative that Windows Live Messenger has, but it does have some drawbacks, such as font display.



Skype is a technology for talking over the Internet, like making a phone call with a microphone. That can be connected to a computer or Headset (headphones with a microphone) or, if there is a webcam, Can talk face-to-face with interlocutors worldwide. And can chat in the form of text chat as well. In addition, they can call from a primary phone to Skype (SkypeIn), from Skype to a direct telephone (SkypeOut), and can transfer calls. Calls from Skype to fixed landline (only for SkypeOut customers) Skype is a massive community. It makes it easy to find new friends from around the world. It also supports Use via computers and smartphones, which can be downloaded for free. Website



In an era where the Covid-19 virus is spreading and causing the world to adjust to working from home or Work From Home, it’s around that area. Surprisingly, the names of the applications we mentioned above are not mentioned as they should be. Contrary to the young app “Zoom,” which has become a more talked about tool.

Today we would like to delve into the origins of Zoom, the video conferencing application of the era, how it became number one in the minds of the business sector And became the conqueror of video conferencing in the age of the covid-19 demon lord, dominating the world beautifully.

The United States is full of WebEx, the owner of the famous video conferencing program. For Zoom, the unspoken person is Founder and CEO Eric Yuan, a software engineer who successfully moved from mainland China to grow in Silicon Valley. After being denied a visa eight times (he said he had prepared for the critical 30 times, but luckily he succeeded for the 9th time) that in 1997 he started working on the land.

Webex meet

Webex meet

To be one of the first SaaS platforms on the Internet. At the time of the acquisition, all Webex applications were built on the MediaTone platform and supported by the Webex MediaTone Network (formerly known as the Webex Interactive Network), a global network intended for Use with on-demand programs. Shaun Bryant, Head of Webex’s Network Architect, designed the web, and Zaid Ali Sr, Network Architect.

In July 2006, AOL and Webex released their business version of AOL instant messaging software. Pro with additional features to help employees collaborate using the meeting tools offered by Webex.

On September 26, 2006, the company announced plans to offer a web-based collaborative “mashup” platform called “Webex Connect.” [Update Required]

On November 17, 2014, Cisco announced the evolution of Webex called Project Squared. On March 17, 2015, this effort was rebranded as Cisco Spark.

On April 18, 2018, Cisco announced that Cisco Spark would be integrated into the Cisco Webex platform. On the same day, Cisco rebranded all remaining Spark products to Webex, including the Spark Room Kit, the Webex Room Kit, and the Spark Board, now Webex. Webex Board

In September 2020, Cisco introduced a new Webex Classrooms platform for meeting virtual homerooms.

As of May 15, 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, Cisco CFO Kelly Kramer in April 2020 had 500 million attendees and equaled 25 billion meeting minutes using the WebEx video-conferencing application.

Google Hangouts

What’s more fun? Google hangout ( is a group chat program that is easy to use. Chat with text, phone, online, video, and audio calls. Up to 10 people can chat to facilitate online meetings. And teaching Can be used on both computers, Mobile phones, or tablets without the time and cost of special hardware devices Access with your Google account or Gmail Google Effects extension app allows video chatting.



LINE is a messenger program that can be used on mobile phones running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems and can also be run on a personal computer. And Mac OS as well by accessing the download for free at the website. With many features like being able to send private messages, Create a room for group messages, send pictures, send funny cartoon characters, send stickers, chat with voice or face, etc. You can add contacts to whom you want to contact via phone contacts. Causing a large number of users of this program


The Wash app is a mobile application used for sending unlimited messages. You can register with a mobile phone number only. Therefore, it is convenient to send pictures, audio, and video. You can create groups to use for talking only to use groups. They are similar to Line but differ in that the Watch Affiliate can It can be used with many operating systems (Platform) such as iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, and Windows phone, and is the most popular application for mobile phones; it can be downloaded for free. The website


Viber is a program that allows users to send text messages. And make calls to other Viber users who have installed Viber as well. It can be for free Use on a WiFi or 4G, or 5G network or pay only for internet service. It can be used on mobile phones and desktop computers. by downloading for free at the website; you can also call any number that does not use Viber at meager rates using Viber Out Viber. Handset If Viber is unavailable, the application will switch the call to a regular one. (Paying via mobile network) Users do not need to open the Viber application all the time. Just have to set up notifications. (Notification) is enabled (ON)


Tango is an application with many outstanding features. It’s perfect for people who like Video calls, also known as Face-to-Face Chat, and users can send messages and pictures and make free phone calls over the Internet. And play webcam and video call (Facetime). It can play games while video calling and is easy to use. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, and various operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone by downloading for free at the website The program allows users to customize their video call pages under a “Tango Surprises” feature, which includes pictures, animations, cute cartoons, and more. That helps to express emotions. Just sign up for the Tango service only once; there is no need to log in every time. It can automatically find friends who use Tango Video Call, chat in groups of up to 50 people, set status, avatars, and profiles, And search for photos and videos in the person it can.


Kik is a messaging application. Free of charge. Only the user is connected to the Internet. Mobile phone with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating system  Start quickly; apply by entering your email address. And the username (Username), then the system will automatically retrieve the contacts in our phone. Then select a list of friends and email each other immediately. When sending messages to friends, you can know the messages sent to a friend. Have you received them yet? By observing the symbols on the front of the news, S-Sent has been sent, D-Deliver has reached the recipient, and the recipient has read R-Read. There are also animated characters, sending files, audio, video, animated images (GIFs), and games available for free download at

3. Type tools for immediate cooperation

Instant Collaboration Tools It is a tool used in group collaboration activities in online characteristics. There is no need to meet face-to-face in real life. But will communicate via the Internet. This tool can work simultaneously with our co-workers in this network. The first software, SubEthaEdit, was pre-installed on Mac OSX, which was not as popular as it was compatible with Mac OSX. Only this operating system Later, with the emergence of Web 2.0 technology, enabled the work of the website to operate quickly and instantaneously to interact with humans. Thus, a web-based application such as Google Docs has been created to create both document files and process carb-line documents, which are very popular. There are also documents, calculation tables, presentation documents, as well as creating various forms as well. In the parting with group members, you can send an invitation To be. Able to edit the same file jointly, you can view the recorded history of the operation. Able to allow other people to see the data and save it as a file with various extensions. An example of software for instant coordination

Instant editor type tool It is suitable for people who have to work. Share on the Internet, unable to come to the meeting to meet face to face. These .tools will reduce the confusion on the Subject of the latest revision of the document Because if we usually had to edit one document with five contributors, the problem we encountered was that we wouldn’t know right now. Who fixed what? Cause confusion But tools of this kind, such as Google Docs, can help you work with group documents. can work more efficiently.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online is a set of Microsoft Office office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that do not need to be installed on a computer. But it can be used on the web instant online browser Can be accessed anywhere, anytime, facilitating document management—Online office. You can choose the format of the document (Template) in a variety of formats. It can provide users with Multiple people who can work together, and all copies are automatically backed up. It can be accessed at the website The user must have a Microsoft account first.

Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Dog is Google’s online editorial program. (, which users can use for free on the Internet. No need to install additional programs. Just have a web browser, and If you have the Internet, you can use Google Docs. Google Docs tools are office files, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Another person becomes the owner of the file. That can only be edited or viewed. All documents are stored on Google servers and can be accessed anytime. In addition, you can select various language processing languages and save files in other formats, such as .docx, .txt, and .pdf.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

Suhudoc is an online editor program. ( is created by Suhu Company, with primary office programs such as Document Spreadsheet and Presentation program, similar to Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs but different. The difference is that many other tools can manage documents and use any mail account. Accessible It is not necessary to be Suhu’s mail account only, which Suhu Company some programs focus on the work of people in the organization in many forms. Which has both a Paid and Free Business


photo share latex

Share La Tech ( is an online document typography program that Facilitates the printing of academic documents in mathematics and science due to the high quality of text alignment. Making

TA wide variety of math and science equations can be created. His document is beautiful and readable, and he can quickly create an automatic table of contents. To use it requires a command or a code. Tech to arrange text as desired. And then compiled into a document page format and can also be given to other people Join to edit and manage the same document.

4. Type Social Network Services

Social networking service software allows people to get to know and connect. Its purpose is to build an online community on the Internet, which is where everyone can simulate themselves in a world that is a virtual world in a computer network, Able to exchange information about their interests or activities with other people around the world. Most social networking service software The service is a web application (Web application).

Social network service software can be categorized: as Social Network Search Engines.

Social Business-Oriented

Social Cataloging

Social bookmarking

Social Friends

Social Guides

Social Photo Sharing Social Video Sharing Social Online Storages

4.1 Social Network Search Engines

The importance of using the Internet And recording or communicating, talking to, or finding information. Therefore, a tool to search for information or Knowledge on the Internet, known as a Search Engine, has been developed.


4.1 Social Network Search Engines

Google is the name of the website. ( is famous for its Internet search service, known as the Search Engine service, by searching for information from text. You can search for information, images, news groups, web directories, or related web pages. You can also search by images. Or sound as well; along with many other services, the Google website is popular with users. Due to the ability to find information that meets the needs of users. And there are various tools under the project of Google Lab. And you can also sign up for free Google tools.



Yahoo ( is a search engine characterized by a directory search. The primary function of the Internet Directory Service is that it consists of a large category first. And there are many subdivisions at different levels for users to choose as they like. When entering a keyword, there will be a section that displays results by topic. Scroll down to the tiniest information. Including a section showing the web Pages that match the content also comes out. There are also many Internet services such as free email (yahoo mail), shopping services, and browsing services Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Photos.

Another highlight of Yahoo is that it is a curated and compiled source. It also offers fast news and reports, a free homepage, and a free Yahoo email service. Many things are on the way Internet.



Bing ( is Microsoft’s newest search engine, Keep an eye out to see if it can replace Google or not. What are some exciting and valuable tools on Bing? The idea of Bing is to add a unique feature of collecting data from various sources and presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner. Call it a question; it’s like someone is waiting to answer a question for you without having to sit back and find out what website the answer will be on. Microsoft has said that Bing is a tool to help make decisions, not just search, but to provide comprehensive information. For Example, usually, if we Google a web name like Apple, we will get a list of results, but on Bing, Microsoft will list the most liked in the Best Match section, along with direct links to the cells. The website has even provided phone number information; another feature is collecting data from many sources, which was an exciting result.

4.2 Social Business-Oriented



Linkedin ( is nicknamed the “Facebook for Workers.” Willing to go in and fill out a personal history for others to read your work history or experience (Resume). Currently, LinkedIn is beneficial for job seekers and a source of information, opinion exchange, and ways of working to be successful in the same career, as well as expanding business worldwide. Seekers Most members are middle and high management from many national companies. A user can be a member of a group with interests or Work in the same Line to exchange ideas at any time. Thus, the members met with the line managers. careers in different countries, 

4.3 Social Cataloging

4.3 Social Cataloging

Web-based applications are designed to help users store things. Of their interests, such as books, songs, cartoons, movies, or other things, which users may review, give suggestions, and share with users. Others have commented. as well as suggested what is suitable for users with a variety of websites such as websites about Japanese manga (, A website about books. ( and music websites (

4.4 Social bookmarking

is a web service that shares Internet bookmarks. Social bookmarking service websites are popular for storing, categorizing, sharing, and searching for links using folksonomy techniques on the Internet. Get content for specific topics or certain formattings, such as feeds, books, videos, and catalogs of goods and services. The location on the map, etc., can also be found. Social bookmarking It’s also part of aggregated news sites like Delicious, Digg, and Pinterest.


4.4 Social bookmarking

The website (Delicious – delicious) is a web bookmarking site linked in a social network manner. Great popularity. The website was launched at the end of 2003. Developed by Joshua Schachter, the Yahoo! ( acquired Delicious on December 9, 2005. Users can store their bookmarks on the Internet to retrieve them anywhere. This differs from the everyday bookmark collection that can only be run on the computer. The attack mark list is linked to another user’s bookmark. This lets you know how many users the website has to mark it. Another feature of Delicious is The ability to tag each bookmark for automatic categorization. And the ability to feed the latest invasion data into Another resource to see which sites are trending with the most recorded users. And most importantly, all web applications. It is free to use without any cost,


It is the same tool as Delicious. Is a web bookmark (Bookmark) online that members can take the URL of their favorite website to collect? It can be categorized. Tags can be added to classify websites since Digg is an online bookmark. So it can be accessed anytime and anywhere via DiggZy Favorites Online if you have used Internet Explorer Favorites or Firefox Bookmarks, which store URLs of interest in your content or favorites. But the problem is if you want to enter, Visit the same website that we used to keep. We had to go to the same device where the bookmark was stored, so Digg solved this problem.



because pictures, photos, and videos It’s something that can be easily found on most websites; Pictures offer a place to put a “Pin It” button or pin your favorite photos or videos to your web browser. And share it with other users. You can show likes by pressing Like and commenting on everything that users have pinned.

4.5 Social Friends

It is a service that allows people to identify themselves on websites. Contains personal information such as first name, last name, personal profile, and pictures of themselves. People who use the same program get to know each other, talk, and share experiences. Tell an incident or in the interest of friends. 



Facebook is an extensive social network. It was created as a communication tool for students. Harvard University Subsequently, it was expanded to different universities and distributed to the Internet world today. Similar to standard social networking tools such as Blog, Wiki, Bookmark, and Chat, other developers can now add applications to Facebook. In addition, a range of services has emerged, from trading and borrowing money to setting up an application development company on Facebook.



Why is TikTok known as a globally successful platform? It is undeniable that over time, the short video platform TikTok has become a part of people’s lifestyles. And has created a trend and a phenomenon around the world. Today, TikTok is not only a platform that encourages creators to entertain and laugh for the audience, but TikTok is also a content source. The variety has inspired and benefited society in many ways until it becomes a phenomenon that we will delve into.

TikTok is a place to announce the birth of new creators and popular songs that hit the charts.

One of the TikTok standouts is that it’s a phenomenon where creators are born from “normal people” who aren’t necessarily celebrities or celebrities. Making short videos is no longer difficult. You can come to create your identity and expand your creative content on the platform without limitations, with great content presented in the form of short hot videos. Plus, with the availability of Creative Tools, innovative tools to shoot, edit, and apply stickers and effects. Including many copyrighted soundtracks. As a result, much content can create a viral trend overnight, causing many creators to emerge on the TikTok platform and become stars until thanked be developed into professional creators that make a steady income.



Snapchat is an American video chat app that is very popular with kids. to early workers The founder is a young 27-year-old ‘Ivan Spiegel’ with whom he created Snapchat while still graduating in 2011.

What is the attractiveness of this chat app, and why has it becomes a popular chat app in such a short time? Because just three years after its inception, Snapchat surpassed WhatsApp, the number one chat app in America at the time.

Why is Snapchat so popular? That’s because, first of all, SnapChat’s players have an average playing age range of 13 to 34 years old, which is teenagers. And is a market that other chat apps Can’t penetrate significantly in the 20s who are looking for something new. More exciting than traditional chat, where Snapchat lets you chat with each other using video.

What are some of the features of Snapchat that are interesting and appealing to users?

Send text, images, and video messages with a video limit of 15 seconds.

When reading, I will delete messages as soon as they are read. And press to look back once, then the image will self-destruct. Or after the specified time of 1-10 seconds, the message will disappear by itself, which is privacy, the selling point.

And if assuming the opposite side presses the screen to capture our image, the app will have a notification

In our My Story, videos can be posted and disappear in a day (of course, Facebook and IG copied this function).

To a friend ad, you must wait for the other person to press accept before you can talk.

You can make video calls to your friends.

can customize various themes or filters in video chat

You can follow Snapchat of celebrities or media outlets via his My Story

Another thing that pushes Snapchat to become the leading chat app for Americans. With European teenagers, Snapchat has become more popular among celebrities who use the app to communicate in a more fun way than a regular chat app. Why wouldn’t the fans who follow celebrities use it?


Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Ivan Williams, owners of the web company Obvius Twitter, a blogging service based in the Microblog category. We have applied for membership, and there will be a blog to write about our status for others to know. By calling this message a tweet (English: Tweet), which means the sound of birds singing. The Blog Twitter is different from the general Blog in that we can post messages up to 140 characters at a time, and can be It allows you to send short messages to your mobile phone without needing to access the Internet. It reads like a regular blog, which is a short message. Tell someone what you’re doing now or used to spread news such as natural disasters or terrorism, etc. The advantages of using Twitter are short, easy, and fast, which is why it has enabled sending tweets. Sending a quick message service (SMS) and an application on a mobile phone


Tumbler is another social networking service software similar to Facebook or Twitter. It’s like a regular blog in the Microblog category, but it has a variety of capabilities, such as the ability to change the look ( Theme) can be very diverse. To tell the identity of that user, can upload files of all types of pictures, including animations such as gif or png formats, and video files such as mp4, and users can reblog, that is, to put other users’ statuses on our status page, similar to retweet. Used in Twitter is easy to use. And free of charge, cit a bit e used via mobile phone Operating system pattern.


Tinder is an application for making friends online. User’s profile By possibly extracting information from a linked Facebook account as the user’s information on the application, you can choose from 6 pictures of yourself, type a 500-character introduction message, and connect to an Instagram account. To access images, You can add more Users can choose which gender to look for. (You can only select male or female, but you can select the same gender) and choose a target age range. And the distance in the radius around them to find people in a set period (using GPS location-based information), information of active friends, And their shared interests also influence the selection of those people to consider the right friends for the user. Users can view the personal information of other users. If you are interested in someone and that person is interested in us, you can match and talk to each other. If you don’t like it, press the crosshairs. That person will disappear. The application will no longer show people we don’t like.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Google Plus (Google+) is a social networking service provided by Google. It was released on June 28, 2011. Users must have a Gmail account and be invited by someone who uses Google+ only. Google+ works by integrating many of Google’s services. There are many other benefits in the same place, such as Google Buzz, Google Profile, and Google Talk. It is now certified to work through a web browser and an application for Android mobile phones. And iOS as well. In addition, it has been analyzed that This service of Google will compete with the social network Facebook,

4.6 Social guides

is a service to recommend places such as tourist attractions and restaurants by users or people who have been to that place before commenting so that others can decide before going to that place. There is currently an application service. on mobile phones for ease of Use in routing as well


Foursquare is a combination of social networking and location where the two together “Location-Based Social Network” is a mobile phone application that allows members to tell their friends in their network where is he now by user-notified location at that time via mobile phone, Also known as as “Check-in,” every check-in will receive points (Point) as a reward. Users can check in on both working days and holidays and can also connect to Facebook and Twitter. as well.

4.7 Social photo sharing

is an image-sharing service. By allowing users to upload photos, photos, or other images in their photo albums and open them to other users. Can you come and see, or can you comment? Examples of photo-sharing services include Flickr, Instagram, Zooomr, Picasa Web Albums, and Photobucket, among others.



Flicker is an image storage website developed by Yahoo that requires users to have a Yahoo account first, offering up to 1,024 GB (1 TB) of space. Service in the same style can store many of our private pictures. Albums can be created to keep images in categories for easy search. And can also set permissions to access pictures or want to share photos with other people via Email, Facebook, or Twitter if convenient. And also An application for setting up on a mobile phone for ease of Use as well,



Photography and editing applications on smartphones. That comes with the effect of adding color to the picture with Filters (filters) that allow us to choose to adjust the image in a variety and beauty. Or compose an image in a line retro as you like. Both in terms of color, and light, it can be said to adjust the mood of the picture as needed. You can share beautiful images to show off to friends on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Instagram is a Social photo sharing because Instagram has a system for users to choose from. Follow the pictures Movement of friends who use applications. If you like or like any picture, you can press the like, including a comment  on that picture,

4.8 Social Video Sharing



YouTube ( is a famous video exchange website. On this website, users can upload video images to it. View an existing video. And share these videos for other users to view at no cost. It is available as a website to use via a computer. And a mobile app on YouTube contains content information, including short movie clips. And clips from TV shows, music videos, and video blogging (which are blogging with visual information) are a component, especially a video that was born by amateurs filming themselves). Video clips published on the website Most YouTube are short clips, about 1 – 10 minutes, taken by the general public. And uploaded to YouTube’s website by categorizing and organizing. Clip rankings are also included, such as recent files, most viewed files, and most voted files. There is also You can also broadcast live video via this website.

4.9. Social Online Storages

It is a service for storing documents or images online. Users can access them anytime, anywhere, and they can also share documents with others to view, edit or download. Area service example, Online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One drive, etc., as


It is a service to deposit office files and videos for hosting presentation files created with MS Powerpoint or OpenOffice Impress program. It can be in many formats such as pdf, ppt, PPS, ppt, pot, pots, and ODP file types with file extension formats such as pdf, doc, Docx, computation tables have file formats such as RTF, Xls, and videos have to file formats such as m4v, WMV, avi and MPEG, etc. When users Can be used to deposit, files can be shared with other users who have read, which will be displayed. The contents of the files on the website and the files can be downloaded to the user’s computer.

The Evolution of Social Networking Software Growth

Social networking software evolved with email systems in the 1970s. It is the beginning of the community of email recipients—The evolution of social networking software in 1995. Email became widely used by the general public, thus free email 2. The leading labels are Yahoo and Hotmail, free to sign up for, and in 2004, the new email that just came out was Gmail, the first free mail to offer. Space to store emails up to 1 GB. In that era, we still had Flash Drive used with only 4 MB of space. Gmail provides a lot of space. Therefore, it was trendy at that time. If you try to observe, you will find that network software The next generation of online social media will begin as software to create groups of people for network interactions. more internet interactions include instant messaging. Collection of links that we are interested in on the network: sharing information, photos, and videos, while also being able to view other people’s data. (in case of permission to see or use) such as BLOG, Wikipedia, Delicious, and Youtube., online triggers. Mable Online, these groups often use social tools to share Knowledge and techniques through web forums and wikis and start working groups such as bot development groups. From 2002 onwards, the era of social networking software was remarkably initiated, as all interactions were converged on Built-in software by the evolution of social networking software.

The Evolution of Social Networking Software Growth

(2022 TikTok now)

Development trend of social networking software

From the development of social networking software from the past to the present. Most are found to develop with the beginning of the email. It is based on the group of email lists contained in the email to distribute the information. Therefore, users need to have an email address. In subscription, Some software may not originate from email. But you may be able to use email to log in, a form of Web Services in the computer.

The safety of using social networking software

To use social networking software, We must interact with those in the network. Therefore, we must keep in mind that any action on the Internet is inevitable. as if we had done it, so things to keep in mind, such as

Security of personal data usage in social media It’s hard to judge who is good or bad Because images and words can be enriched or distorted; therefore, we should not tell or give our personal information to people we do not know in real life, such as not giving our real name – real last name, phone number because of the these May cause harm to ourselves late.

Maintain communication etiquette when we write on the Internet. That would mean we have published The message public, so we are also responsible for what we write. When are these Real internet words like our representatives, for example, web forums? If we use bad words to insult others, will it result in others being dissatisfied? And arguing with each other on the Webboard may result in closing the web. You can g, board.


Social networking software arises from the need of human beings to live together as a group and must work together at present able to work across the world. Therefore, many different tools have been invented and developed to meet users’ needs. These have various others, for example, communication for knowledge collection.

Reputed to be a tool, It has both advantages and disadvantages. What users need to consider is The consequences of using. Do not think that no one knows. No one sees that writing a message or any action on the Internet can be tracked and monitored, so we must learn to use these tools wisely and creatively.

Technology for a better life


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