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Health has become a top priority in recent years. can be observed from the trend of eating healthy food exercise That day by day, there will be more and more people paying attention because no matter who wants to be healthy and have a long life, the medical industry itself has been developing unceasingly all along.

It can be seen from the global medical device market that is growing at a rapid rate of more than 6.4 percent per year. This allows therapies and medical tools to be developed through the digital transformation process. Continuing to become Medical Technology, also known as “MedTech” for short, where medical personnel and interested people can apply knowledge of technology to advance their medical career non-stop.

What is MedTech?

Medical Technology or MedTech is the application of technology. to increase the efficiency of medical services for patients Whether it is the diagnosis, treatment, symptom monitoring. To the assessment of health conditions, blood tests, urine tests in the lab with modern equipment. Body X-ray, CT scan or MRI are all products from Medical Technology.

With the ever-increasing technology, new medical technologies are being used to provide better treatment and step into the world of health of the future.

Medical Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the medical field

AI or Artificial Intelligence It is aimed to be an aid in collecting data and providing various information for both patients. and medical information to medical personnel quickly and accurately, and AI can also be used to accurately diagnose diseases. in a shorter period of time as well

With this capability, AI now has the potential to allow physicians or researchers to retrieve medical and patient information through so-called EHRs, digital health records. that includes treatment history Examination and diagnosis information, labs used, treatment tools It can be said that all patient and treatment-related information is saved on the cloud service, enabling real-time retrieval of information no matter where.

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Importantly, these information are quality and reliable information. There is also a system that helps analyze solutions through data warehouse. pattern recognition and AI learning that will increase the ability to find answers for use in treating and diagnosing diseases more efficiently.

An example of AI that is actually used in the medical field is Development of a hand-held 3D ultrasound machine From the development of a startup company called Butterfly Network, which can broadcast 3D ultrasound images in real-time and upload data to a cloud service, making data access possible anywhere. And there is a system that helps characterize and diagnose images automatically.

AI is also used to track patient behavior. with facial recognition and motion detection software Makes doctors work easily and quickly along with more precision in treatment

Blockchain that is not only used with e-currency

Blockchain technology is used in the medical field in terms of helping to create a medical data collection system to create an electronic database. This is the precursor to EHRs, the AI technology already mentioned in the areas of data collection for diagnosis, treatment, health data collection via smart health devices, and most importantly, data security. Patients that are uploaded to cloud services

It works in a form where the owner of the data is the holder of the Private Key or the private key used to decrypt their own data. And can choose to grant access rights to other relevant parties, and every update and data access is recorded on the Blockchain as well, making access to patient health data convenient, fast, accurate, and most importantly. Most of all is data security.

Blockchain has already been implemented in MedRec, an EHR management platform between patients and healthcare facilities with Blockchain as a pilot project in America. Storage of information such as blood test results, vaccination and medication history. including treatment history And although this project is in the early stages. But it gives very good results and can be applied to other hospitals across America.

Tissue and organ repair with 3D printing technology

We have heard about 3D printing technology for a long time, but did you know that 3D printing has been used in the medical field for a while now? It is expected that The medical 3D printing business will reach $6 billion by 2025, with companies leading the way in this 3D printing technology: Stratasys Ltd., Arcam AB, Organovo Holdings Inc., Johnson & Johnson Services. Inc. and Stryker20

3D printing technology is used to print cell scaffolds. Printing of artificial bone used in implant surgery Including printing dentures or ear molds used for hearing aids. in order to be more effective and suitable for each person

3D printers are also being used to print tissues and small organs that can be used for surgical repair and grafting of damaged organs. which can actually grow and function in the body And it is still being developed to be able to print larger organs. for surgical treatment of damaged organs without having to wait for donations alone It is considered another technology that will greatly increase the limits of treatment and save lives.

Robots are important new helpers in the medical field.

Robots are a technology that has been used in the medical field for a long time. have a high market value and ready to grow up by leaps and bounds According to research by Credence Research, in 2015, the global market for medical robots was estimated at $7.24 billion. and is expected to increase to 20 billion US dollars by 2023.

The market value of medical robots is expected to grow almost three times because there is a need to use robots in medicine to reduce the spread of germs during surgery. Reduce the contact of the epidemic.

Helps rehabilitate patients in the treatment or physical phase. Enhance the quality of life for patients with disabilities To increase the accuracy and efficiency of disease diagnosis and treatment for doctors. Including being used in other related tasks such as moving patients, delivering medicines, used to treat patients remotely through a remote monitoring system that will help medical personnel to work easily. Faster and more secure

Robots have already been used in practice.

A surgical robot with a camera used to magnify organ details and send 3D images to the surgeon to perform surgery with a robotic arm through a command and control mechanism at a console that has a display system, filtering data, and analyzing data for use. decision to have surgery auxiliary radiological diagnostic robot that helps to shine light onto the organs to the point to maintain effective and accurate on the spot By reducing the radius of other surrounding organs that will be exposed to radiation. Including robots that help rehabilitate patients with the brain. Augmented robots and intelligent prosthetic limbs used in people with disabilities.

It can be seen that MedTech has changed the world to a certain extent. And will also be developing capabilities to improve the quality of life and opportunities to treat patients better over time. If you don’t want to miss the train to the health world of the future Get started with a simple MedTech: AI and Medical Robots online course from Futurelearn that will introduce you to the AI and Medical Robots technologies used in MedTech, expanding your capabilities and creating opportunities for your medical career. Not to fall into the health trend of the future world

And now the product has interesting medical products which are

Vital Field


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Vital fields support the body’s inherent healing mechanisms.We’re much more than just a chemical cocktail. Four decades after nikola tesla said that “Frequency and vibration hold the secrets of the universe and we’re all part of one energy field,” quantum mechanics discovered the principle in subatomic worlds. Today’s science confirms that both organic and inorganic matter manifest subtle energy fields that help regulate our body chemistry and cellular life.We refer to these life-promoting frequencies as vital fields (vitalfeld).

Vital fields enable living systems – cells, organs, and micro-organisms – to transfer information and energy across the system (or body) instantly, helping the body’s cells to repair, regenerate, and protect against life’s cumulative stressors, such as toxins, stress, trauma, injury, and electrosmog.

Vital fields have been researched and developed over the past four decades by scientists and a community of over 2,800 clinics and health practitioners in switzerland, germany, and austria, who use them in wide health related applications, from chronic disease to athletic performance.


Cefaly Switzerland

Treatment and prevention of migraine

Cefaly offers the best safety efficacy ratio compared to current anti-migraine oral medication. It is the first line treatment for patients having frequent migraine attacks. Cefaly enables the use of medicines to be significantly reduced and the sufferer‘s quality of life to be markedly improved. It is the optimal solution for most of migraineurs. Cefaly has been awarded the CE mark for medical products and certified according to the ISO Medical Device Standard.

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