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Human has come a long way From the age of caravan wheels to the steam engine across the ocean. From ink droplets on paper to telegrams and ringing tones. And became just a signal running in the air The intercontinental voyage that used to take years has been shrunk to a mere hour. And it’s going to be left with only a few minutes left. The world is condensed to strangers and the language they don’t understand becomes more familiar to the ears. Yet mankind has not stopped moving forward.

Just go on holiday with SMART TRAVELER.

Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

That has been developed creatively and understandably. Has changed the current lifestyle behavior

many in tourism Technology have made human travel more comfortable. Technology helps us make new friends. Technology saves us Technology allows us to travel to places that were difficult to reach in the past, or anywhere else, allowing us to explore the world even when we are sitting still. Many things that were once imaginary have now condensed into your hands. and meeting more and more specific needs We would like to pick up the advancement of technology from various angles. “Since” to the general application of the device to the cutting-edge innovations that help us make our adventures in this world more fun.

Language is always a major barrier to traveling and learning about different cultures. But nowadays there are good translation apps. Let’s help each other solve this problem. One of today’s most exciting innovations has to come to Mars, a device categorized as TWS, or Truly Wireless Earbuds, which are real-time translator headphones that can translate the interlocutor’s messages into different languages for understanding. Together promptly It was as if the two were conversing in the same language. Futuristic gear that looks straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Not just an innovative model but it is a machine that has actually begun to sell. The person behind the development of this smart headphone is none other than NAVER Corp, ORFEO SoundWorks, and LINE Corp. Currently, these headphones can be translated into 9 languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. And our Thai Mars received the Best of Innovations award from the big stage at the CES 2018 Innovation Awards and was recognized as the world’s first smart TWS headphones that are closely integrated with the AI platform, which are headphones. The first genius of the future integrated with technology. the best artificial intelligence


translate CONVERSE is a translation app that has been downloaded over 80 million times worldwide. From the interface of the screen, the design of the program, as well as the ease of use for all ages. Just press and hold the image button on the screen. And speak in their own language The app will translate the language into speech in almost real-time with sentences for us to read and understand more easily. This latest version can be translated into 38 languages, effectively canceling noise. And it can also be used with Apple Watch as well.


I believe that many people have traveled to Japan by themselves. must have experienced problems This (almost) perilous problem became a starting point for an app developer in Kyoto to come up with a platform to help find a better solution. Applying the concept of Space Sharing to connect ‘people who want to deposit luggage to meet ‘Depositors’ who want to open up their space to store their belongings without limiting the type of location. Make shops, cafes or even houses can register to open their own area for luggage storage via ecbo cloak application

The ecbo cloak became so popular that it began to beat lockers. Because there are many places to choose from. Some are in tourist attractions, easy to find, and convenient to travel. Importantly, the storage space is not limited in size. (Like leaving things at a friend’s house) Easy to use, no hassle Most importantly, it’s cheaper. And collect them all at the same rate everywhere (divided into 2 sizes: 1. Bag Size ¥300/day 2. Suitcase Size (and other large items) ¥600/day). Received an excellent response and is currently expanding this model to Tokyo (Especially large train stations) and other cities in Japan as well.


Ever had Instagram travel envy? It’s the question that British low-cost giant easyJet asks online travelers who want to hang out every time they see a beautiful sight on another IG.
But the problem is that many people don’t know exactly where those places on Earth are.

easyJet took this idea to develop a new feature in its application called Look&Book where users can use photos of places they find from Instagram to scan in the app to find that destination. Then pin and book a flight ticket to that destination in one go. This Look&Book feature is already starting to work. In Europe and North Africa where easyJet serves, it plans to expand to more continents around the world, as well as develop connections to other online networks such as Pinterest and Snapchat.


Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

Goatrek is a favorite app for both novice and amateur trekkers. Ranked among the best mountain climber apps in multiple media outlets, Goatrek seamlessly integrates Technology Performance with Social Community. Plus, the whole look is designed to be beautiful, easy to use, and user-friendly. (Especially teenagers) as well, in addition to helping to find Trekking Route Directions to navigate. We can also create a new route of our own as well. Not only that, but everyone can also create a community for each path to add friends to talk to, exchange knowledge, or suggest information. On the route in Real Time as well, as well as being able to create their own blog for others to follow. Including sharing experiences with each other again, this App is a versatile platform that doesn’t just focus on the coolness of technology. understands the needs of the target audience It became so popular that it quickly made Goatrek claim itself as the World’s most popular backpacking.


Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

Pro application For people who are serious about photography Which can be considered as a companion app for amateur photographers. From professional photographers to professional cinematographers, the Sun Surveyor is ideal for anyone who wants to capture accurate records at specific moments such as sunrises and sunsets, golden hours, blue hours. and full moon night Can tell the position and orbital time of both the sun and the moon. ready to calculate the light temperature each time with real time image processing in real places It is said that after using it, you can plan to take beautiful photos. At the right time, favored light, unimaginative falling shadows, adventure and outdoor travelers can also use it to view the sun’s position at any time for the benefit of solar charging for their devices. Necessary for trekking too.


Digital era where documents and correspondence Have been condensed into a new process to the smartphone for users’ convenience. The ever-new e-ticket or mobile boarding pass has become commonplace among travelers. And now it’s the queue for the passport. That has begun to be developed into a Mobile Passport.

Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

The United States is the first country to pilot the Mobile Passport program at more than 25 airports across the country, and the project is expanding to airports in other countries. Including international airports around the world in the future The Mobile Passport application was developed by the government’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection in partnership with Airport Council International. Which is an international airport organization Another advantage of Mobile Passport is that it connects directly to a central database. Makes it more difficult to counterfeit, and it’s a passport that will never be lost. (Because it can be reloaded)


Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

While the world has yet to invent a nostalgic Time Machine, the invention feels as close as possible. Timelooper, for now, is an innovation that combines AR (Augmented reality) technology with VR (Virtual reality) to create a virtual time machine through a wearable VR headset. Is the content of virtual technology that focuses on history. That actually happened in various locations around the world.
When we stand at that location in the Timelooper program, as soon as we put on the VR Headset, the milestones of the past era in that area instantly appear as a 360-degree movie, and on the same scale as the place. Actually, The actors are all real people. (It was filmed) It’s like sending us back to standing in the past. The technology used in Timelooper is a Transformation On-site Experience VR that is being built at 20 locations in 11 cities around the world. In the world more


Just go holidays with SMART TRAVELER

Before flying to a foreign country, many people may encounter problems that needing to carry a wad of cash or having to press an ATM several times in order to exchange money in different currencies. Which poses a huge risk to our safety This problem is, therefore, an important problem that the two big money exchange companies have risen to open a QR Code money exchange service at the same time, where users can create a QR Code on their smartphone from the bank that we have an account with. And can be scanned to exchange money directly without having to bring a single baht of cash There is no minimum for this service. And no fees In addition to being an adaptation to the digital age that makes tourists like us more comfortable. This is also a major adjustment to enter a cashless society according to the government’s policy.

In an era where technology has started to play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. The key to making technology acceptable to humans is that it can help facilitate and solve problems. very well enough but technology would be more meaningful to humans if it was developed on a foundation that truly understood the needs of users. In the near future, the best technology for humans may not be the most advanced. But it is the technology that is best understood by humans.

Technology for a better life
Nowadays, our lives are deeply dependent on technology.

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