Suppose anyone who likes Sci-Fi movies wants advanced technology in real life.

technology for a better life

Metaverse If, in the future, we have to live in the virtual world

Like in the film, you can wait. And the near future, Our world is about to enter the Metaverse in earnest.

Many of you are beginning to wonder and become curious about Metaverse. Many of you are also starting to turn your attention to the Metaverse world! After the news that Mark Zuckerberg changed the company’s name from Facebook to Meta, arguing that it would change to become a full-fledged Metaverse company, including big companies. So, without further delay, let’s get to know the Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?!

To say that Metaverse is new or a new term isn’t exactly new. Metaverse first appeared in 1992, or 29 years ago, in Neil Stephenson’s novel Snow Cash about the virtual world. And the natural world that can be seamlessly connected.

Let me explain. Metaverse is another world that is a virtual world where we have another self in it.
Our virtual selves can interact with other people and other places.

For example, we can travel around the world through the Metaverse world, or we can go to work anywhere through the Metaverse, which is another world where we can do anything. Depending on our imagination, Metaverse is a collaboration between VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

If anyone can’t imagine it, think of the movie Ready Player One or The Matrix; you should be able to see a clearer picture.

Metaverse, a virtual world that will be just as important as the natural world

As I said before, many big companies are starting to turn their attention to Metaverse, such as Facebook, which announced to change the company name from Facebook to Meta to change the company’s direction from social networking to a company that will be fully geared towards making the Metaverse virtual world.

Facebook decided to do a rebranding promotion. This point will reflect Mark’s vision of making people more connected. Like we can teleport or warp to friends or go to any place. This is different from playing Facebook, where we can only follow the news or talk to each other through the screen only.

For anyone worried about changing the app name too? Will it affect the use or not? Please be comfortable that this name change is just a new company name change. And will not affect the use of social media platforms. That is under the supervision of Meta, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

After Facebook announced that it would move forward with the promotion, turn to doing business in the virtual world entirely. This was a huge hit and made a significant impact on the Metaverse. And it’s not just Facebook interested in the Metaverse, but many big companies. He has begun to pay attention to this matter more and more.

The largest Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, has announced that it will enter the Metaverse marketplace. And is working on a big project. More importantly, it has already filed for a trademark related to Metaverse. The requested brands include Ali Metaverse and Taobao Metaverse.

Friends try to think for fun. In the future, we can shop through the Metaverse, wear glasses and have a model wear clothes to see before making a purchase decision; it would double our shopping fun!

We believe that in the future, the Metaverse will change and play an even more significant role in our lives. But until that day comes, we think it will take many years to develop, regardless of the device, software, or hardware, That will allow humans to live on both worlds at the same time seamlessly.

How does it affect the marketing world?

Metaverse, merging the virtual world with the real world, Creates a new dimension for digital marketing and creates attractive new career opportunities.

Metaverse is a word of the future world that has been heard so often lately that it’s gone numb. Because no matter where you look, many brands or prominent companies are highlighting the importance of stepping into the Metaverse as a highlight to take a step into the world of the future before anyone else.

And, of course, the Metaverse has far-reaching effects, especially in the digital world, which has changed the trend of Digital Marketing or online marketing as well.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) use technology. The Metaverse is a virtual world created for people to interact with. And can do various activities together, whether contacting, meeting, chatting, traveling, entertaining, or Shopping as if in the real world through an avatar instead of yourself, which will look whatever you want.

If an example is to be taken, the Ready Player One movie inevitably has a virtual world OASIS allowing players or users to do various activities, or it will be the latest animated movie like BELLE, the princess of music. With a virtual world called U, the concept of the virtual world will be similar. Whether creating an avatar to replace the identity and having activities to create a society in it like the real world

What are the elements of the Metaverse?
The Metaverse is so new that many people have defined elements or components in various schools. Today we will quote two sources: Wunderman Thompson and Gartner.

Elements of Wunderman Thompson

Elements of Wunderman Thompson

Wunderman Thompson’s report Into the Metaverse breaks down nine key elements that characterize the Metaverse:

  1. Persistent, unceasing continuity Every action, every existence, and life in the Metaverse will continue as it does in the real world, whether people are online or offline. End or end in any way
  2. Reactive: The Metaverse’s environment reacts to actions in real time; no matter what we do there, there will always be consequences.
  3. Interoperable Break down every wall of the platform. Territorial boundaries have faded because the Metaverse is not tied to anything, as data is stored on a blockchain that no one owns. It can be said that any information can be shared with anyone, any person, where, how, and at any time.
  4. Creative is over—the era of just sitting and drinking content. When people in the new generation are creative to the next level until they can become content creators in abundance, therefore Metaverse is a space that allows people (creators) to create or interact with content. More than just sitting and watching or drinking
  5. User-defined User-majority No more platform builders; the Metaverse has multiple universes. Users can immediately decide to go to another universe if the universe has many unsatisfactory stories. There are many options to choose from. It can be said that the Metaverse belongs to all users. And it’s an area shaped by people, just like a famous movie quote. “Asgard is not a place. but people.”
  6. Decentralized Everyone can own each other. Metaverse has Blockchain technology as a critical system that makes various information. Be transparent and impartial—no one person. Or any intermediary that holds our information Considered that everyone has complete joint ownership.
  7. Every day is more integrated into everyday life than ever before. Even though our lives are generally split between online and offline, the Metaverse is about merging with the real world, every activity, every interaction. It can happen without the dividing line between online and offline. Simply put, you can put on a bright contact lens to help you see digital information, images happening in front of you, or AR that you can interact with. Even though it’s not in the real world
  8. Limitless is genuinely limitless. Regardless of the number of users or the virtual world created. Can have unlimited It can be said that there is no limitation on the number to be worried about.
  9. Social, a space for creating new societies. There is a meeting, talking, and building a relationship to come true. And get to know new people all the time. Of course, it’s a virtual world; how can it be without society or community?

This element defines the Metaverse by Wunderman Thompson, which must be said to give us a clearer picture of what the Metaverse is.

Image source: Gartner.

Image source: Gartner.

Gartner, a global research and consulting company, is estimated that by 2026, up to 26% of people will spend at least 1 hour/day on the Metaverse on work, Shopping, studying, entertaining, or communicating via social media.

Gartner has defined 13 components as follows:

  1. Digital Currency everyone knows as Cryptocurrency or Virtual Currency.
  2. Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) is a Cryptocurrencies. A type that shows ownership of assets. The value of each coin will not be the same. And cannot be substituted.
  3. Digital Assets such as digital land, houses, and artworks are all part of the Metaverse.
  4. Marketplace/ Digital Commerce has an area of online shops as a full-service shopping center. Like a variety of shopping malls in the real world
  5. Infrastructure is the basic structure. There is a primary system that can respond to users, such as an educational institution, a communication system, etc.
  6. Device Independence Not limited to any one system Can be used in every tool Device Independence Not limited to any one system design Can be used in every tool.
  7. While some may view the Metaverse as a game, gaming is part of the Metaverse. Gaming is one of the primary forms of entertainment on the Metaverse as people can get closer to having fun than ever before. and experience experiences that may not be found in the real world. So, the game is quite an essential ingredient.
  8. The concert, Social, and Entertainment Events When entertainment is not just games but a fun activity that allows people to participate, relax and meet their favorite artists through concerts on Metaverse that make it easier for artists from any country to complete because of the virtual world.
  9. Online Shopping, shopping non-stop, even on the Metaverse, because the user’s side would want to buy things and buy things. For example, you are decorating your avatar to stand out. Therefore, it is not surprising that Shopping in the virtual world is just as fun as in the real world.
  10. Workplace With the world of work fully integrated into the Metaverse, it may no longer be necessary to have an office where we can work on the Metaverse. Can sit and work as if in the office
  11. Social Media, more than sitting on social media via smartphones, is direct contact on the Metaverse through our avatar agents who can interact with each other and are more intimate.
  12. Digital Humans When AI plays an important role. Therefore Digital Humans can be brought in to replace some functions in the workplace, such as onboarding new employees, being in customer service, acting as a salesperson, or handling business coordination, etc.
  13. Natural Language Processing (NLP), one of the capabilities of language comprehension by a language processing system. which is an AI group technology that can understand human language, resulting in natural and fluid interaction between AI and humans with no language restrictions

Metaverse has had an incredible impact on the marketing world.

Marketers need to prepare themselves well. Otherwise, your marketing strategy may fall behind its competitors. Digital Marketing and Metaverse go hand in hand, so the faster Metaverse comes in, the better.

An obvious example is AI Influencer, which has started to play a role in many countries. Not even Thailand may change influencer marketing because AI is introduced as a representative or presenter instead of celebrities or artists.

Influencer Marketing Hub, a resource for Influencers, Agencies, and Platforms, has outlined six Metaverse marketing strategies:

6 Metaverse Marketing Strategies

  1. Integrate yourself with the platform. In this context, talking about advertising or advertising in the everyday world, just a few seconds of ads on YouTube can annoy users, so on Metaverse, you should create ads that don’t bother users too much. But make your brand’s ads one with the Metaverse world.
  2. Compare marketing in the real world with the virtual world. Entering the Metaverse doesn’t mean you have to change your approach entirely. An excellent place to start is to market like the real world to make people aware of your brand.
  3. Give importance to apparel products. Fashion products can be said to be necessary. Because there are studies that show that more than 92% of people highly value decorating their avatar, so don’t miss its well-known brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci have already partnered with popular games like Fortnite and Roblox, respectively, to sell fashion items that can be used to decorate your avatar to stand out.
  4. Make your own space. Who said selling stuff on Metaverse, storefront space is not essential? Even if you create storage space in the Metaverse world, it must not be missed because this will create an intense relationship with your customers.
  5. Create a good experience for customers. Not only in the real world but also on the Metaverse, studies show that brands that focus on delivering great experiences have 25% more brand loyalty than brands that don’t. quite
  6. Offer digital collectibles. Who says gifting valuables, collectibles, and valuables are insignificant in the digital world? Especially NFTs assets, whether it’s art, music, or clothing. That is very valuable; it can be used as a marketing strategy, for example, the free NFTs when the product purchase reaches the specified conditions. It can make customers want to buy more products.

Metaverse with these trend-enhancing “companies/brands.

When the word Metaverse is hot, leading companies don’t wait. Hurry up to embrace the big project immediately. Today we will take you to look at four brands.

1. Meta with complete power changes

From Facebook to Meta: The Future of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he has changed his company name from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’ after 17 years as Facebook entered the Metaverse fully. energy

Meta focuses on Metaverse, AR, and VR, and meta projects have been evolving for a while, including VR headsets for full Metaverse integration. Or they are using Ray-Ban Storie’s glasses with AR technology for a combination of physical and digital worlds.

2. Gucci and Roblox

Famous brand like Gucci is soon joining hands with the game Roblox by creating Gucci Garden or Gucci’s garden area (Installation Art), which aims to generate Brand Awareness among the younger audience.

It can be said that Gucci has created Installation Art on the Roblox game, allowing players to interact with the space that is beautiful, valuable, and communicates the brand well. Not enough, players can also try Gucci digital goods.

3. Louis Vuitton

Another iconic brand that has been around for so long that it recently celebrated its 200th anniversary, the anniversary celebration honored its founder with the creation of “Louis The Game.”

In the game, a character named Vivienne will travel to six worlds to collect 200 candles and commemorate Louis Vuitton’s birthday or origin.

The game has an RPG style with a story to discover. Also included in the game are 30 NFTs created by artists like Beeple, which are non-tradable, making them a valuable digital collectible.

4. Coca-Cola and Tafi

In July 2021, Coca-Cola partnered with Tafi’s 3D Creators to host a “Loot Boxes” auction for NFTs. What’s more, the auction winner will also receive a real-world Coca-Cola refrigerator.

Meta-Human, Virtual/ AI Influencers, a new way of influencers with the replacement

Meta-Human, Virtual/ AI Influencers, a new way of influencers with the replacement

What if you have a Presenter or Brand Ambassador who will never get old? Able to remain beautiful and handsome for eternity, Overcome all human limits?

It cannot be denied that when technology has gone far, AI began to develop rapidly until the birth of “Meta-Human” or “Virtual Influencer” or “AI Influencer.” In many countries, there are many virtual influencers such as black model Shudu, model Oppa Zinn, bright Korean model Rozy, hot American model Lil Miquela and many more.

What is a Virtual Influencer? Why might it be better than humans?
Virtual Influencers are virtual influencers with human-like personalities. Each of them will be outstanding and worth watching. More and more people are starting to be interested in collaborating with Virtual Influencers than ever before because Virtual Influencers are free from fussy limitations, not sick, not ill, and not old, unlike humans who have to bear a lot of risks. Whether it’s an accident or an emergency

Metaverse has created a career in the digital world more than ever before.

Technology development, a new thing is born occupation as well. Suppose anyone is afraid that AI is replacing humans. I must say that Don’t be scared! Because the Metaverse has come to play such an important role that it is changing the world. This creates a need for expertise in the Metaverse in particular.

In this article, we have found one job search website selected only for Metaverse Jobs. It is The Metaverse Jobs website. If anyone is interested, please go check it out!

Metaverse has created a career in the digital world more than ever before.

As you can see on this website, there are many categories, including Design, AR, VR, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Fashion, Music, Marketing, and many others. I secretly saw that Meta also posted an announcement looking for people here. Anyone who wants to apply must try it.

Metaverse has created a career in the digital world more than ever before.

In addition, I began to see other brands. Now accepting job openings for the Metaverse line, Nike has announced five positions: Director of Metaverse Engineering, Engineer for the Metaverse, Senior 3D Game Designer/ Metaverse Engineer, Expert Innovation Program Manager for the Blockchain, and Virtual Material Designer.

Metaverse has created a career in the digital world more than ever before.

Disney, no less. With the announcement of job openings that require expertise and digital savvy and NFTs seeing this, it looks like Disney is headed for something to prepare for the Metaverse.

Anyone who is studying or working in the digital line and is interested in Metaverse, don’t miss it. Because this trend is coming on solid Plus, it’s likely to last a long time. It is something that should be studied. Because there are many exciting careers. Plus, if anyone can expand themselves to specialize in the Metaverse, it can be said that the future is far away!

On the Metaverse presented in this article, it must be said that each topic must be carefully watched. Who is following the trend? You have to keep up with the news regularly. Because our world is moving faster than you think, realize that you might be following someone else’s back.

Technology for a better life

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