How to Determine When to USE Social Media for business

HOW and WHY you are using them for business

How to Determine When to USE Social Media for business

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Social Network: Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest….

How I am Using it? (What are your activities)

  • Adding content related to my niche/business
  • Starting Discussions Related to my niche
  • Posting all new and valuable content (articles, videos, and pages)
  • Offering Support and communication via the private messaging

Why I am Using it? (Will it really benefit your business)

  • To gain more followers in my niche
  • To increase traffic to my website through posting
  • To increase my brand presence
  • Offer customer service to my potential and existing customers

When I am Using it? (What time of the day are you using it and for how long)

  • No more than 15 minutes three times per day

There are some necessary engagement tasks that are fundamental to your business. To increase efficiency, you are also going to want to set aside certain times of the day that you handle these things. I recommend a MAXIMUM of 3 times a day to handle all of these.

(1) Getting back to comments on your website/blog
(2) Getting back to comments on your site
(3) Handling private questions and emails in a timely manner

First thing in the morning, lunch time (if possible) and before you go to bed tend to work best for most, but do what works best for you.


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