Healthy natural organic products

Organic is a healthy way of producing food and materials.

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And environment The benefits of organic include helping consumers to consume food with fewer chemical contaminants. Growth hormones and antibiotics Reduce consumer concerns about contamination of genetically modified organisms in food or raw materials.

Healthy Nature organic products

Organic products, both food and consumer products. We derived from nature, with no chemical contamination in production and processing. Use raw materials, natural extracts, and organic. Safe for environmentally friendly consumption: The word organic can be used for food and utensils. Genuine and Organic products are not the same, but both are technology.

We. have used technology to find and measure the quality of the product to let us know and for our safety. In the current era where the trend of love and health is coming strong like this, Many people may start to pay attention to more organic food. It is another food option that is becoming popular among health lovers. With the belief that natural, chemical-free food has more health benefits than conventional food. But is organic food good for health?

What is the difference between Organic and Natural?

The terms nature organic products are both words. We can use it to call a product group that contains natural extracts. Both words. But there will be differences in terms of the purity of the section.

organic products

Products with natural extracts or Natural Products can be classified into two types.

1. Natural extracts such as essential oils must be derived from nature. Coconut oil or any other crude oil

2. Natural extracts caused by the production process will cause some sections that do not exist naturally.

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This blue extract is a vital substance. But it is caused by the production process called (Natural Origin), such as compounds in some essential oils, which do not exist in nature But will occur from the production process of steam distillation. In Germany, Chamomile essential oil only takes place in the steam distillation process.

Products with organic extracts or Organic Products

It is an extract derived from natural and natural extracts but must not undergo any chemical production process. And the origin of the raw materials used to extract them Must not be grown using chemicals. Or use chemical fertilizers and must be planted in a chemical-free area for three years or more.

Healthy natural organic products

Therefore, to tell whether that product or that product is Natural or Organic, let us look at The extract used as an ingredient in that product. That there is an organic standard from which organization. The standard of claiming to be an organic product is defined as follows.

It must have organic ingredients mixed with more than 10% or more, so it can be called an organic product. The extracts used must It is an extract derived from nature with no chemical additives. The source of the quote Must not use any chemical fertilizers. It must be planted in an area that does not contain chemicals for more than three years. Any product needs to be certified by the international standard organic organization. Must follow the minor conditions.

According to the legal requirements of each organization, for example, products that the ECO CERT organization has standardized must contain organic ingredients in the proportion of 75% or more. The product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients in the United States.

Organic is it safe for your healthy

It is an organism that is produced by organic methods. And minimal dependence on chemicals. Farmers must do this with knowledge and expertise in organic agriculture. So that the product that comes out is non-toxic

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