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Every driver needs a Dashcam

Modernity must go hand in hand with safety. And safety and technology are our top priorities. What is needed for us? We always choose and look for the best quality. To help keep us safe.

One thing we need to have is a camera almost every device around us must have one because it is a medium of communication and security. And the camera equipment is good and accepted until today, no one will deny it. Camera from REXING Inc. because it is a company that has developed all kinds of strip cameras to meet and offer the best for us.

Multimedia receiver W / Back up Camera

Modern technology and product style, it must be admitted that REXING Inc. has stood first because of its wide range of products such as “Dash Cams,” “Outdoors,” “Smart Home,” “and Accessories” devices. I will go to see the product details and various discounts. Let’s get to know REXING Inc and how it came to be.

Dash Cams and Developments to Protect Us

Rexing Inc. is a US-based company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling “Dash Cams“, “Hunting Cameras“, and “Body Cams“. We offer a variety of models that covers every driver’s specific needs. Our website offers dash cams with many features, accessories, and price points. We are one of the top dash cam sellers in the North American Market and our business has expanded to 10 countries such as Canada, Japan, and the UK. Most of these countries have local stock available. We have huge online social proof with over 10,000+ reviews, an industry-leading free 18 Month warranty, and our products are backed by our live customer support.

Technology for a better life

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Every driver needs a dashcam

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42 thoughts on “Every driver needs a Dashcam.”
  1. Thanks a lot for this valuable detailed post about dash cam. In fact, I think today’s dash cam is a must for any vehicle. Because there are too many car accidents today. With this we can know about those accidents. As they are recorded, such accidents can be prevented from happening again. Thank you very much for your recommendation. Keep posting like this.

    1. Thanks for the message, yes a camera is needed now even a mobile phone we need a good camera. And another important aspect is safety, we need a quality camera that can see well and communicate good images. There is a good camera. No more worries. ^_^”

  2. I have been considering buying a dashcam for my husband for quite some time now. He is on the road a lot, doing a lot of miles for his work, and always comes home with bad stories about how drivers misbehave on the road. It would be great to have a dashcam in his car, to record everyone who makes these mistakes on the road that can cause an accident, which I hope of course never will happen! Thank you for this information.

    1. thank you for nice messages Yes, it’s really helpful. And besides, on the road we can’t predict anything if we have a good camera on the car sometimes. can create safety for us and not worry

  3. Hey thanks for this post!

    I was considering fitting a dash cam into my car, not only for safety purposes but for a comfortable insurance pricing too. I guess cameras are useful in many aspects of life be it security, for communication and much more! 

    I’ll be definitely checking this brand out for dash cams and maybe cameras for capturing wildlife too! That would be interesting!

    1. Thanks for the message Of course it would be great if you had it for safety. and happy to use it and good quality products and cheap too

  4. You are right to suggest that every driver should have a dash cam installed on their car. My son was involved in an accident where his car was completely written off. This accident was charged to his fault although others viewing it claimed in was the other driver’s fault. If he would of had the webcam it would of been very easy to determine driver error and to establish who would be at fault. So yes, this device is an indispensable part of prevention.

  5. Thank you for this blog over needing a dash cam and having a free giveaway as well!  I love that you are doing this, because many of us need a good camera. I agree that we should have a dash camera.  When I had a wreck a month ago, it would have been better to have had video evidence of what happened for the insurance.  It was the first wreck I ever had.  I actually keep one on my dashboard now because of that experience.

    1. Thanks for the message Yes, a video camera is absolutely necessary. in our life Even on mobile phones, we must not forget that everyone has a camera with everyone. But besides this is our safety that we need to find a good camera to record. in case of an emergency without knowing It’s better to prevent than to cure. for peace of mind

  6. Hello thanks for this post!

    All these equipments looks amazing!

    I loved the cameras it would be great to have a dashcam in my car, to record everyone who makes these mistakes on the road that can cause an accident or other incidents!

    Thanks tons! I will definitely buy some! Appreciate your useful post!

  7. Thanks for sharing!  

    Dash Cams can definitely save lives in more ways than one.  A couple of years ago, my son who was an OTR truck driver at the time had a fatal accident that involved another driver.  Working with this particular company, my son was required to have a dash cam which I am so glad that he did.  

    Well, to make a long story short, my son was carrying a heavy load coming downhill when the other driver failed to stop at a stop sign.  If you are familiar with the dynamics of an 18-wheeler carrying a heavy load downhill, it takes a while to come to a complete stop.  

    The dash cam was a key component in the investigation of what happened that day.  Although it was a very sad day, I am grateful that my son was able to go home.

    1. Thanks for the message and experience. Therefore, I want everyone to pay more attention to their surroundings. It can be seen that the car camera not only helps with safety but can also help in terms of accuracy. And we turn to pay attention to a small part of your experience; I hope people who read it will find it helpful and good ideas. I appreciate your help

      Best regards.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing why every driver needs a dashcam!

    I totally agree! I have been in so many instances where a dashcam would come in handy.

    Especially how all these drivers drive nowadays!

    Safety is the number one priority and i appreciate you sharing all these dashcams!

    I might actually get one for my car!

    1. Thanks for the message. Another reason for using a car on the road is safety, And it’s essential nowadays. Add peace of mind to comfort us better. Choose  AMERICAS #1 SELLING DASHCAM! RAXING 

  9. I have to say that I am driving already for a long time, and was just planning to buy a such device for a long time. And that was a good choice that I did, as just shortly after I bought it, I got into a car crash, and thanks to the video recorded, I could proof to my insurance that I was not guilty side in it.

    So it definitely deserves its place in a car. 

  10. There are many reasons why every driver needs a dashcam in their car. First, dashcams can provide invaluable evidence in the event of an accident. If you are involved in a collision, having a dashcam can help you prove what really happened and who was at fault. Second, dashcams can help you avoid being the victim of a hit-and-run. If you have a dashcam installed in your car, you can get the license plate number of the offending vehicle and report them to the police. Finally, dashcams can also be used to document road rage incidents. If another driver is behaving aggressively towards you, having a dashcam can help you collect evidence and potentially press charges.

    In conclusion, there are many good reasons to have a dashcam installed in your car and this blog post shows off some very good ones to buy. Great post

    1. Thanks for the message. I agree with you. And guarantee that dashcams are suitable for those who have a car. It gives you more than safety

  11. thank you for sharing this article. – Every driver needs a Dashcam. Technology makes life easier. Vehicles are expensive and should be protected. A dashcam can protect us from unnecessary hardship. take for example someone just reverses into your vehicle. You have all the proof you need. It should also encourage you to drive more cautiously.

    1. thanks for the message I thought it would be nice if we drove the beetle carefully. However, having a camera on it would give us peace of mind and a sense of security.

  12. Having a dashcam in your car is becoming far more commonplace than when they were first developed and released. A camera can record details and provide proof of events, that might not be otherwise possible. So a dashcam can help to guide you in your driving, but can also become valuable evidence if required in the case of an accident. Thank you for sharing this option. 

    1. Thanks for the message. I agree with you Because now, what makes us safe? We choose to take comfort. And the camera is one device that makes us feel safe.

  13. Great post; thank you for sharing “Every Driver Needs A Dashcam”. I plan to make a long trip around Europe in the next couple of months, and it’s a great idea to have a dashcam while I am driving. They are more accessible now than they used to be. Great article. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

    1. Great post; thank you for sharing “Every Driver Needs A Dashcam.” I plan to make a long trip around Europe in the next couple of months, and it’s a great idea to have a dashcam while I am driving. They are more accessible now than they used to be. Great article. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

  14. You are right every driver does need a dashcam. At first, I thought that it was just a gimmick and that it will die out soon. But these days dashcams can help a driver when something happens and he needs proof or backup. Especially in cases of bumper bash. 

    It saved my friend, and I am glad that I visited your site. It will certainly help me to make a good choice to purchase a really good dash cam. 

    Thanks for all the help. 

    1. Thanks for the message. You are right, and I agree with you. People have to rely on technology now; safety must come first.

  15. My neighbor has one dash cam on his car and I have to admit, when I first saw it I was a little skeptical because I thought that the camera was going to be – somehow – distracting for him (he’s 82) so I was a little concerned, but after seeing how it worked for several weeks I have to admit that it has been one of the best investment he has done thus far. They’re affordable, easy to connect and use, and really helpful when out on the road. 

    1. Thanks for the message and experience using the camera, and yes, the dash cam is more valuable than you think.

  16. You can not over-emphasize the need for cameras in our cars and our environment. As technology continues to improve, enhanced security is also needed. You got my attention when you mentioned Rexing as one of North America’s top dash cam sellers. It is an assurance of quality and excellent customer service. Thank you! I will give them a trial

    1. Thanks for the message. As technology has evolved, our need for comfort and safety has increased. The quality of the product is based on the development of technology.

  17. I regret not buying a dashcam for our car when my husband said so. I thought it wasn’t that important so I didn’t listen to him. 

    Last month, we got into a car accident while passing through an intersection. We were on the primary road when another car suddenly came out from the left secondary road and bumped right into the rear part of our car. Obviously, it wasn’t my husband’s fault but because we had no dashcam, we couldn’t prove our point. 

    The other car also claimed to have no dashcam and the CCTV on that intersection wasn’t working either. We ended up at the police station and had no choice but to settle even if it was clearly the other driver’s fault.

    You’re absolutely right; every driver needs a dashcam. 

    1. Thanks, thanks for the message and experience. I’m sorry about what happened. It’s considered learning. Because I understand women well, we often do not think, But we must learn first. Yes, having a dash cam isn’t just for viewing your way or preventing danger. It still helps in this case. Also, sometimes we park the car. The camera can still record images. Like in the case of, my friend parked the car, and someone tried to break into the car next to my friend and get the stuff. When my friend came out to see a woman crying that the vehicle was damaged. Fortunately, my friend had A car camera that could record images. So you can help that woman. You can see that in our society, it’s not safe. But for safety, there is a good one. Yours for the experience

      Have a good day ^_^”

  18. A dash cam can be very useful when it comes to recording any accidents. They could end up being the proof in a court case if two drivers are fighting about whose fault the accident was. I think in this day and age everyone needs to have one of these devices fitted in their vehicles and I am sure car manufacturers are going to start putting these in their new cars shortly. 

    1. Thanks for the message. Of course, a dash cam is handy. I agree with you Because a car camera can be used as evidence if a car crash. And it would be nice if the car company had cameras on every car.

  19. I agree that every driver needs a camera like Dashcam. My sister was in Cameroon and fortunately she had a camera in her car. One day, she noticed that her son didn’t buckle his belt and she could correct that fact very quickly because of the camera. I’ll show her your article to see if these dash cams can suit her needs.

    1. Thanks for the message; Dashcam is very useful in terms of security and can give peace of mind to family members.

  20. Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many cameras available.  You have assembled a list of products that has got me thinking. I already have a dash camera, but the trail camera looks pretty cool. I have a pretty large backyard with lots of wildlife. I’m thinking of getting the trail camera to capture some animal activity at night.

  21. Honestly, I’d never thought about getting a dash cam. But I’d love to record the dangerous misdeeds of other drivers. If dash cams became commonplace I think people would think twice about reckless driving. A friend of mine was falsely accused of hitting someone. A dash cam would have saved her a lot of turmoil!

    1. Thanks for the message. Also, before, I still couldn’t imagine what a camera in the car could do, I thought it was just an everyday look, but when I have a problem or insurance about my car, I think the dash cam is helpful that the reason,

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