Four hundred fifty million people trusted the Art of Living Foundation in 157 countries.

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Discover the power of SKY Breath Meditation

Today I would like to launch The Art of Living Foundation. The Art of Living Foundation is what some may know, and some may not know. This is the essential thing in life, from my learning and experience and What I want to do is meditate.

Because our lives are often chaotic and nowadays there are many different Meditations to choose from, the one that stands out and most importantly, if you look back, is the well-established and famous The Art of Living Foundation. Many and most importantly, I am very grateful to this person, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and I must admit that I am delighted to be able to work with, maybe a little, but I will use the service. Steps and techniques, detailed texts, and promotions that I assure you that you will be interested in

Eliminate your stress@ Breathe Strong

Relax your mind with particular breathing practices, Immerse yourself in a meditation experience, and Learn critical techniques to manage your mind

What You’ll Get From Our Free #BreatheStrong Session

Our workshop offers you a well-deserved 75-minute break. You’ll clear your mind through calming breathing and guided meditation.

The Art of Living Foundation

The Art of Living (AOL) is an international, non-profit organization that empowers individuals and communities through transformative, evidence-based techniques, courses, and worldwide service projects that foster a stress-free, violence-free society. AOL has worked tirelessly for the past 40 years with a single vision to uplift every human life. Through our world-renowned SKY Breath Meditation course in 156 countries, we bring inner transformation to people’s lives, families, and communities. We warmly welcome you too. Not sure if your audiences would appreciate Sky Breath Meditation? Will you immerse yourself in a free, beyond-breath experience to ensure this partnership is right for you? Together, we can make a difference. Contact us today. Working out of San Jose, serving North America

Why have 450 million people trusted The Art of Living Foundation’s unique breathwork technique? 

  • -> 33% increase in immune cell count
  • -> 56.6% reduction of stress hormones
  • -> 50% increase in well-being hormones

AOL’s breathwork technique is highly acclaimed for relieving stress and anxiety. Experience the unique AOL advantages for free. 

Why have 450 million people trusted the Art of Living Foundation in 157 countries? Because it has a scientifically proven breathwork relieving stress & anxiety.
“Maybe the fastest growing spiritual practice on the planet.” Yoga Journal
“Shows promise in providing relief for depression.” Harvard Health Publishing
“Like fresh air to millions.” Washington Post

Breathe Strong A Free Breath & Meditation Session

In this accessible introduction to SKY Breath Meditation, you’ll learn powerful breathing techniques to quiet your mind and make meditation easy quickly.


The main product is Sky Breath Meditation. Sky Breath Meditation helps busy people who struggle with stress clear their minds with a breath meditation that works from day one. To experience the power of the Sky Breath Meditation technique, you and your partners are invited to the Beyond Breath experience, free of charge. Media testimonials: CNN: “Life-Changing” Washington Post: “Like Fresh Air to Millions” Harvard medical school: “Show promise in providing relief for depression.”

Increases Mental and Physical Well-Being. The practice lowers clinical and non-clinical (everyday) anxiety, decreases stress hormones, and leaves you calm.

Increase Clarity and Focus

Meditation and breathing are shown to increase mental clarity and focus. By meditating daily, you equip yourself to be more productive.

Increase Calm and Rest

Gain the ability to tap into calm every day through SKY Breath Meditation. Bringing your mind to a state of restfulness also improves your sleep.

Plus, take a personal step to emotional well-being—discover the power of SKY Breath Meditation. Would you be interested in experiencing the Sky Breath Meditation intro for free? Visit:

Technology for a better life

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Discover the power of SKY Breath Meditation for more you may also like:

PROGRAMSDiscover the power of SKY Breath Meditation

Breathing out stress


Sky Breath Meditation

from: The Art of Living Foundation

Beyond Breath
from: The Art of Living Foundation
Sky Breath Meditation
Sky Breath Meditation

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20 thoughts on “Discover the power of SKY Breath Meditation”
  1. I am glad to see your product – the art of living foundation. I used meditation in my days in high school to improve my mind. And also increase my ability to retain what I was taught. So finding a platform where I can learn and develop my innermost strength will be great. I will be glad to learn breath based meditation

    1. Thanks for the message I think it’s great to have a course like this because of meditation. make our minds strong

  2. I have not heard of the Art of Living Foundations before, but recently started doing meditation and was also introduced to breathing exercises. So I am so pleased that I came across this post. Meditation and proper breathing have so many health benefits, and I am very interested in what the Art of Living Foundation has to offer. 

    I will be exploring the Art of Living Foundation and their unique breathing techniques more, so that I can join one of their workshops. I am sure I will benefit from practising and join the millions around the world that trust the Art of Living Foundation, 

  3. I practice mediation in order to reduce stress often. I put my nature tapes on containing nature sounds of running water or the surf. Then I can relax and enter a state where I feel closer to God. I can truly appreciate The Art of Living as it reduces stress and enables participants to focus on the important things of life. Thank you for a great article.

  4. I have never heard of this program before but I have dabbled in other meditation apps which I used very shortly. It’s good to know that there are programs out there especially the seminar targeted on combating burnout in healthcare and other higher education. I will definitely take a look at this.

  5. I am an admirer of Guru Ravi Sanker ji . His SKY breathing technique is a control of mind, emotion and anxiety. They transforn your life and everyday living  your life style to a better and healthier living. Think of a day you have no stres what so ever, you are calm and you sleep well.You are happy and enjoy a self satisfaction. 

    Compare a stressful day of yours, depleting vital life energy and aggravating your hormones. You lose your immunity slowly, impact your brain cells with total body in stress. What a terrible feeling! The sky breath techniques helps you relieve all of tese undesired episodes f life. And this does not require any medications which can generate bad side effects.

    The SKY breath techniques is all natural. Medition and controlled breathing has tremondously helped. I would encourage everyone to experience it. 

  6. I, too, believe that Meditation is beneficial. Recently I’ve started on my own. A program like this would help me improve my abilities. In my experience, more people need to learn the actual value of Meditation or believe it will help. It is challenging at times for me to truly clear my mind. A foundation like this has experience with people like me and so many others in the world that it might benefit more from trying! Thank you for sharing.

  7. I have been interested in meditation for quite some time now but never got around to doing it by myself, with the help of a book or something. I have tried an app though, I don’t remember its name. I hope that this way of meditation works on a desktop or Ipad and I’m very curious about this sky breath way, so I will subscribe. Thank you for this information

  8. Everyone is battling with one form of stress or the other and most people don’t know how to eliminate it. There was a time in my life where I had to battle with depression and just wanted someone to talk to but no one was actually there. It affected me mentally and was visible in my outward appearance. But then I knew I shouldn’t allow the stress and depression takeover me so I had to forcefully engage in activities that would take my mind off everything 

    1. Thank you for the message and story. I understand that depression is caused by anxiety. Sometimes the job position responsibility And fame play a part in keeping us introverted. But we have to think positively. Don’t ask yourself questions. I have read and studied about depression. And I don’t know if I ever had depression. Because I used to have symptoms similar to what you described. Every time I feel bad I tend to think vice versa. It gives me time to be with myself and understand myself more. You are not missing friends or suffering from depression. You feel insecure about whether life is right or wrong. because you have no one to advise you don’t lose your confidence. But you’re tired of being strong in the eyes of others.

      being strong in the eyes of others But no one knows that you are tired too. and you can’t tell anyone. Meditating can help if you can. Everyone will have obstacles. And learn from mistakes, accept, let go, and understand the past. Life is beautiful. believe and trust in yourself Our lives are not dependent on the words of those around us. Don’t pay attention to the words of those people. They never gave us anything. Be proud that no one helps you in difficult times. Because you are the leader in the eyes of those around you. try meditating This post is awesome. Meditate or want to talk to me, contact me.

  9. Hey great post!

    Certainly an interesting one for me as I haven’t mediated before however I am aware of some of the benefits that come with mediating. The art of living foundation definitely seems like something I should check out as I am looking for ways to destress. And if that many people trust it then I guess I can benefit from it too!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for the message. You’ll see that short meditation sessions give you some quiet time because most people don’t. So you want silence, And don’t forget why meditation is essential. Because it makes people conscious, He called our conscious mind (conscious control) to have and have the power to think positively. Suppose we have to control our emotions and relax. We will decide calmly. I build a technology website. I also bring meditation, why, secret places, and perhaps use music. or learn from the computer. Everything has technology People commenting on this thread may or may not be willing. But what is certain is that you know you love yourself. No blessing or money is as valuable as our health without the disease. This is something we must be proud of and happy about.

  10. It’s great ti read this post! I have just wrote about something similar on my website. People don’t realise how important breathing is! We all do it of course but not well. I would love to sign up to your free training but I have a little one and sadly I don’t have that much time to myself at the moment!  I definitely think people should listen and reap the benefits of true revitalising breathe work!

    Keep up the work! Love & light 

    1. Thank you for the message. I read your message, and of course, you are a health lover and take it seriously. Whenever you want a discount or try a free trial, contact me whenever you have time to give it a try. I think this promotion will last a long time. Don’t worry because The Art of Living Foundation wants a free trial first to prove it. That it works

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