Creativity is the search for everything

Creativity is the production of a variety of ideas that will increase productivity.

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Creativity reflects processes and individuals. The process has a clear purpose. Personal is the resource that determines the answer to find answers to problems. Or the performance of products, including goods and services. Creativity is an evolving and improving process, and everyone is innately creative. The difference is more or less And is there an environment that supports that Creativity? Those who are not endorsed And responding positively to Creativity will make the creative process more difficult in the future.

Creativity is the search for everything.

How does it work?

It can happen in every job and business, be it products, how it works, or customer relationships. Or even the development of innovations, all of which must be creative as a basis. Without Creativity, the business will stop with no further progress.

Disbelief There have been many misconceptions about Creativity over the years. The ability to effectively manage Creativity is defined as follows.

1. The more intelligent you are, The more creative you will be: the truth is.
Intelligence is associated with Creativity only to some extent. That 1 has one condition defining the qualifications of creative people. Because when you are smart enough, If the relationship works well, then the relationship will no longer be valid.

2. Young people are more creative than older adults:

The truth is that age is not a person. Indicates a clear creative potential. It can take years to master one area to learn that such expertise will reveal patterns that young people may not be able to see. But vice versa. Some experts stick to the same idea. That hinders Creativity

3. Creativity exists only among those who take risks:

The truth is that it is willing to take risks that are not too much. And the ability to think unconventionally plays a role in the emergence of Creativity, but that doesn’t mean if you’re a skydiving enthusiast. Or bungee jumping can get creative.

4. Creativity comes from one person :

The truth is that most of the world’s most influential inventions result from the cooperation of mutually supportive people.

5. You Can’t Handle Creativity:

The truth is, it’s impossible to know who will create what in advance. Or when and how, but executives can create conditions that encourage Creativity, such as rewards. Organization of Creativity

Creativity is not a state of mind. And not a link person’s thoughts but a development process Farming and showing a new twist to solve the problem? Meeting some needs, Teresa Amble describes three elements that cause Creativity in the individual

1 Expertise is technical Knowledge, process, and intelligence

2 Creative-Thinking Skills as a method The ones used to solve problems often arise from their personality and the way they work; each work has a work technique without compromising efforts to solve problems, even when faced with obstacles.

3 Motivation arising from either external or internal Extrinsic Motivation is derived from external factors such as bonuses and promotions. Position, etc. Intrinsic Motivation is the Motivation that stems from a strong desire or interest in one thing, which will affect Creativity more than

Blocking and promoting Creativity

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What blocks Creativity

Not far-sighted, Follow the rules too strictly and too often. I see that the talk is nonsense. Focus on finding the correct answers, judgmental, judgmental. Fear of failure. It doesn’t feel right to take risks. It is refusing to listen to the views or opinions of others. Don’t mute new comments—problems in corporate governance and partisan division. Avoid ambiguity. It is not accepting ideas that are different from one’s own. Not flexible. Give up too soon. I was worrying too much about what others thought think. Think of yourself as a non-creative person.

That promotes Creativity

A person with a passion who can solve problems well. The ability to think beyond the rules. Be fun. Focus on exploring possibilities and accepting others. Have the ability to accept failure and learn from it. Be an intelligent risk-taker. Listen and exchange ideas with others to accept differences. Open to new ideas. Coordinating by focusing on mutual benefits ambiguity is acceptable. They are getting thoughts that are different from yours. Flexible. Have an indomitable effort. Have their standpoint. Recognize your creative potential

Creative development

can be developed by teaching, practicing, and doing it right. How and can also be created from a young age is different from the development of NASA piña (IQ) because the effect of NASA piña or IQ is challenging to develop or may not be developed at all in the case of a person with a very low IQ. And create an atmosphere to promote independence in learning, studying, collecting, and linking information until valuable works or inventions are created. Providing an environment conducive to Creativity will encourage faster creative development.

Relationship awareness

The creation of many inventions and innovations is the result of the creators. See new relationships or differences between processes, technology, or people samples. Many see such as adding fruit juice to soft drinks to increase the value of the water and or Bringing wheels to a car to become a car, etc. If you want to improve. Creativity to look for differences or unconventional relationships between objects or people around because things or people tend to have relationships with other items or others; these relationships often lead to a vision that results in new products or services.

Developing perspectives on job duties

Understanding the interrelationships of things can help develop a perspective on the function of an object, whether a thing or a person; a person who has Creativity tends to look at things in a way that pleases them. And help His actions were successful; for example, the carpenter couldn’t find a screwdriver, so he used a butter knife instead. A screwdriver to tighten or loosen the nut, or manufacturers of cereal food products Will mix dried fruit into it.
In their products to create new products that attract the attention of health-conscious customers etc. If you want to be creative and have innovative ideas, you should. You have to learn to look at things from a different perspective. And apply ways to bring something. They are used to meeting their own needs.

Use of the brain (celebration)

Since the fragmented brain was studied in the 1950s and 1960s, experts have focused on Creativity, innovation, and self-development. It is essential in developing skills related to both hemispheres of the brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for perception. Above the five senses are the synthesis of emotions, Music, aesthetics, romance, Various tricks, out-of-the-box thinking, complex thinking, etc. The left hemisphere is responsible for rational thought, memory, language, calculation, analysis, etc. Although both hemispheres have different processes for information processing. And are responsible for other skills and activities

connected by a nerve group called “Corpus Callous.” From this link, Each brain hemisphere has a relationship that can be applied to the other brain. Therefore, to become more creative, it is necessary to practice the skills caused by the use of both the right and left brain in balance by practicing question-and-answer Leadership training Practice assertiveness Practice quick recognition. Train sensitivity in recognizing problems; and Solving problems appropriately for the situation independently. For example, the development of both hemispheres of the brain.

The processes of the left and right hemispheres of the brain the processes of the left and right hemispheres of the brain

The processes of the left and right hemispheres of the brain

Left Hemisphere

Spoken information. Data analysis. Prior. Be reasonable. Logic. Straight line. Planning work or daily life activities.
Read ancient history, Philosophy, Law, or logic books. Write a timetable for all activities. Work using computer programs.

Right Hemisphere

Non-verbal information such as pictures. Data synthesis. Induction. Unreasonable. Instinct. Imagination, fantasies Use reasoning (inductive) to describe the story in a conversation. Or you are writing a message. Take off your watch when you get off work. Stop making decisions from the beginning, such as while watching. Watch movies or listen to the news, remember and record feelings or instincts and see how accurate it is. Let’s elaborate on the strangest things to expect. Not reach or future situation. Draw a portrait of a person, shape, or landscape.

Steps to develop Creativity in other ways

1. Create consistency by ensuring that the organization’s goal aligns with its values. Instead of considering what job you are good at. Let’s go to the Maldives. What jobs are suitable for your interests? inside

2 Do self-initiated activities and choose projects that generate Motivation from the inside, first and foremost. For example, if you like graphic design. Try to find out why a product’s packaging is not attractive to customers.

3. Be open to opportunities that come unknowingly. Try to adjust your attitude to focus on Taking action and experimenting with new ideas. For example, if something goes wrong while prototyping a product, don’t give up on it too quickly. Try to find learning opportunities that may be hidden in the mistakes.

4. Use a variety of creative stimuli. Strive to develop multitasking skills by rotating around as many jobs as possible and getting to know people who will help spark your thoughts and imagination. Skill combination and the stagnation between the parties will give rise to new ideas.

5. Create an opportunity by talking to your coworkers. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues. Creativity often occurs during spontaneous interpersonal interactions.

Create an atmosphere that promotes Creativity

A conducive environment to facilitate independence in learning and study collect and link information until a valuable work or invention is created by creating. A good atmosphere that encourages creative development and encourages. Get creative faster. Creating a good atmosphere should be done as follows.

1. Management on trust gives freedom to employees ingot too much level
2. Open communication channels between all members of the organization
3. Be open to communication with outsiders as well.
4. The selection of employees should recruit employees with various personality traits.
5. Make it fun to experiment with new ideas.
6. There is support for new ideas such as rewards, etc.

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Product concept creation is the most critical activity and one of the essential aspects of product design and development. Product concept creation is developing multiple design options with an emphasis on innovation. Products line and work duties meet customers’ needs also When the product concept is established already established ideas. The most suitable will go through the process of product design and development to develop itself. Next product

Creativity is used in a wide variety of applications, from doing artistic things, such as the painting of fiction, to a solution to a general problem, whether a specific issue or a specific problem. Creativity is a popular term that Rhodes has studied. The definition of creative mischief and the conclusion It consists of four important factors known as the 4P of Creativity, including the social and cultural environment, Person, and Product when applied with the principle of Replay

1. Social and cultural environment (Place)

The place is the first factor that causes Creativity, which now refers to external factors such as technology, social trends, fashion, etc. Personal property (disclosure of self-confidence) Incentives (risk acceptance need for novelty)Knowledge factors (information, Knowledge) Process (tools and techniques) product

2. Person, which can be divided into three sub-sections as follows:

2.1) Personal property: The qualities within the individual contribute to the cause. Creativity, such as openness, curiosity, flexibility
2.2) Motivation is driven from the inside and the external environment.
2.3) Knowledge is indispensable in creative thinking. Here means Knowledge and experience related to the problem of looking for a word.

3. Process

Means a creative process. “Which” be found can be born with the help of various techniques

4. Product

which is the result of Creativity in the resulting product. The result is a novelty. And values arising from Creativity We may say that difference between Creativity in art and Creativity in engineering lies in. Giving importance to the elements of the problem Find the need to fix. In the first case, it will focus on beauty. Of the product or attracting the eye of the beholder Creativity in engineering will pay attention to the technical and commercial elements.

Improvement of the creative process

Creativity education often emphasizes personal qualities. Mainly psychological, But if you look at it as a practitioner, We will focus on techniques to improve the process. Creativity is a valuable technique and can generally be applied; In the old days, we often understood that Creativity came from personal talent. More than the skills developed, nowadays, the ghosts have introduced techniques to promote the thinking process of invention, which, when considered, can be divided into two approaches, which are the intuitive Approach and the Logical Approach.

1. Creative, instinctive approach

It is a technique that promotes Creativity from within an individual or a group.

2 Creative thinking,

A logical approach to techniques for searching for answers with a systematic and step-by-step process is as follows:

  • The standard step is a solution. Identify common design problems in general.
  • The second step is to solve the problem that does not alter the system, but New features were introduced, such as attaching glass to the welding mask to concentrate the arc light onto it. Areas to be seen more clearly.
  • Step 3 is a solution that improves semi-automatics using industry-available technologies such as automatic transmissions.
  • Step 4 is to solve problems not caused by technology but caused by science, such as using Thermal conductivity materials, also known as metal, that can take the original shape.
  • The fifth stage is often beyond the Knowledge of modern science. Solving problems at this level relies on the discovery of new phenomena which can be applied to existing problems. This often creates entirely new systems and industries, such as lasers, aircraft, computers, etc.

Richard Forbes technique

For introducing practical and easy techniques. Use these techniques as an intuitive guide. It is an idea that stimulates Creativity from within an individual or group. We are talking about three basic techniques:1 Techniques for accepting.

Rethinking is an essential skill that generates Creativity. Because new ideas are often ignored and incredibly insightful, These ideas are highly creative. If we realize the benefits of those ideas, There are several techniques for accepting new ideas; the main one is to look for the merits of rude thoughts. Think from a new perspective and appreciate the humor. This idea was a secret from the beginning.

2. Techniques for generating additional ideas will focus on the consideration

The goal of solving problems is to help us find more and more ideas. There are several techniques in this technique.
Type. Here we will talk about the reconciliation of goals. Changing the negative sign into the positive. Consideration of indirect approach, target alley

3. Techniques for thinking and organizing your thoughts will help.

We have developed many creative ideas and helped organize the thoughts that arise with systematic guidance techniques. It is essential to consider several options. Using diagrams to help find alternatives Writing a thought matrix

Creativity is the search for everything.

1) Look for advantages in a rough idea. Fix when Creativity enters the mind. Most people are unaware of its invention. That idea is because it often comes in unfavorable conditions. Or is it a seemingly unintelligent or practical idea? No. However, creative people will look through scenes and rethink, resisting problem-solving. Appreciating any concept is the most critical skill in creative problem-solving skill. We will leave our Creativity at birth.

2) Thinking from a new perspective It is instrumental in Solving problems; finding new perspectives will help Let me know how to solve problems creatively

3) Directing value of emotion All ideas, even ideas that are Funny or stupid, all have the potential to lead to practicable Having a sense of humor is a thing. The benefits of solving creative challenges are that Creativity tends to arise from the perspective of different. Comedy often comes from changing the perspective of the story. Therefore, a changing point of view can lead to Creativity.

4) Gaping an idea in the early stages of Finding a solution to the problem. When a good and new idea comes up, we may be excited to share it with others. This is not very good because most people tend to criticize or criticize something new. Snell’s speculation may cause the idea to stall. Therefore, we should not be hot to tell the audience until we consider the picture and see the advantages and disadvantages.

5) Looking back on goals In solving various problems, we will have. The goal is already. Will you be afraid or not? Many times those goals Magus is different from what. We think of opening up new creative ideas. We should be aware of our actual plans and make them the ideal is clear.

6) Looking back on goals anytime, flexible plans provide minimal Creativity. Therefore, we should find ways to increase Creativity by being open to changing targets at any time, allowing flexible targets to open up opportunities. The new options

7) Turning Negative Goals into positive, opposing goals Always insist on saying, What do we want? Understanding positive dreams will help us. Finding a way to reach the goal is more accessible and helps to give new perspectives. With years of benefits, changing the brand from A harmful plan to a positive goal is not easy, But it is helpful to Solve the problem.

8) indirect method consideration Sometimes, the problem can be solved using indirect methods. This may help us achieve things that cannot be solved straightforward”.

9) Target Slicing: Slicing multiple sub-goals will help. Make the goals more specific and clear. It should also prioritize goals too. By doing this, we will focus on how to solve the problems being addressed. The most important goa

10) Considering multiple options for solving a problem Thinking beyond the first idea that comes to mind will help us get more creative solutions. One approach is Adding several options for the answer; the costly solution is to use a diagram rather than a dial.

11) Using diagrams helps to find alternatives. Outline What is included in the diagram writing is thinking of alternative solutions to add to the available categories. Already a member There will be no benefit if the new alternative is not fussy about the method that already exists.

12) Bringing together ideas is bringing together existing ideas. Combining existing objects to create new things, such as radio alarm clocks. Caused by combining radio with an alarm clock

13) Richard’s technique overview. Technician shop. Intuition is to drive Creativity from within a person or group of people. This is something that can be used in all areas. In choosing these techniques, we must understand the benefits of each method and choose the right one for the situation.

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