Be healthy, be in good health

The best gift in our life is excellent healthy,

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Being healthy

Be in good health, and be physically weak-off. That is what people need; even if you have reached the goal and success in your life, your health is the best gift than the money and your success, and you have to do whatever to make you healthy! Pay for good food, pay for fitness, and more. This is what is going on right now. Are you looking around? No one wants to get sick with cancer and be scared of getting fat.

Be healthy, be in good health.

Have you ever heard that ‘If you are healthy, your life will be good because your physical and mental health is an essential factor that affects your daily life? If we take care of our physical and psychological health in a good way. It will make our lives happy. But it depends on our physical and mental health. I want to invite everyone to turn to take care of their health with five simple methods that anyone can follow. And you’ll find that living a good life isn’t far away. How to take care of healthily?

1 Get enough rest

Because ‘sleep and rest are good things and necessary for the body. In addition, the body will fully repair itself; Adequate rest also helps us feel energized in the morning. Wake up with freshness and freshness. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours daily will give you the energy to live and work brightly. Along with having good physical and mental health in the body

2 Eat good and nutritious food.

Terms of food it’s equally important to health. Therefore, we should take care of ourselves by choosing healthy food. Chemical free And if it’s good, you need to eat all five food groups sufficiently according to your body’s needs, including focusing on fruits and vegetables Because it is an essential source of various vitamins and minerals. It also contains dietary fiber that helps in excretion. It is another easy way to make us have better health.

3. Exercise regularly.

As you know, exercise is another simple option that many people turn to take care of their health. In addition to helping to have a positive effect on the body that makes the muscles strong, it also allows our mind to relax and reduce stress from work or daily life. There are many ways to exercise. But for those who do not have time, Maybe try to find at least 30 minutes of free time, taking regular walks or jogging at your local park. Just this will help our physical and mental health to be incredibly better.

4 Take yourself to relax with the surrounding nature.

It is said that ‘nature’ helps to relax in life. You may notice that when we are in the midst of an atmosphere surrounded by nature. In addition to making us feel comfortable and relaxed. It also helps our minds to be quiet. Forget a lot of the chaotic stories. Maybe it’s because of the restorative power of natural greenery. That can make us feel rejuvenated. Therefore, our life will be better and happier. Nature is a part of keeping our physical and mental health in balance.

5 Annual health check

One of the ways that we can know if we are in good health is an ‘annual checkup’ because health care and maintenance are very important for everyone. Because our bodies are working all the time. We cannot know how much the body has deteriorated, But we can easily take care of and check our physical condition with our annual health checkups. That will allow us to detect various diseases since there are no symptoms. As well as to prevent or find abnormalities in the body to have a proper treatment plan before it is too late

Take a break from social media addiction.

Nowadays, it would be best to take pictures no matter where you turn or what you do. Sharing information, so you don’t miss important events, which are used in the right amount, will give us good results. But is using too much and making people addicted to social media.

It may also cause eye muscle fatigue. Or dry eyes due to staring at the screen for a long time May cause blurred vision, blurred vision, or nearsightedness. The best way is to rest your eyes. And exercise our eyes as well, such as blinking and rolling our eyes to prevent dry eyes. Or looking at distant objects will help to relax the eyes down. And reducing social media will make you not have to stress from consuming news. Better mental health

How to take care of yourself to be healthy both physically and mentally

Physical health refers to the condition of the body that is strong and complete. The various systems of the body can function normally and effectively. Good disease resistance free from disease or infirmity

Mental health refers to a state of mind that is fresh, bright, able to adapt well to changes in society and the environment and maintains a stable mood. Free from conflict or confusion within the mind.

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2 thoughts on “Be healthy, be in good health”

  1. Hi Arisara,
    You touched on something which most people do not think about when it comes to their health – social media addiction especially, and annual health check ups. Most people have a vague idea about eating healthy, getting enough rest, exercising regularly and relaxing.
    Social media addiction can bring on a lot of eye related issues, and not having annual health checks mean that many diseases can go undetected before it is to late.

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